Colors are the mirror of our psychology, colors make our life vibrant, colors fill our moments with amazing hues, and therefore, when it comes to choosing perfect modern color combinations for a wedding, one must stay extra cautious. The preparation of any wedding begins with choosing the wedding color combinations. One should always consider choosing that modern color combination for a wedding that evokes the mood you want for your nuptials. The choice of the colors depends on multiple factors like the season in which you have finalized your wedding day, wedding destination, tone of your wedding, and above all, your preference. Once you are done selecting your wedding colors, it’s time to plan details and position in place.

In this post, we 123WeddingCards have come up with a list of trending modern color combinations for weddings that will bring your love story to life.

Let’s start with…


Emerald and Ruby


At the time of color selection, you can consider dark hues like red and green. The color combination of ruby and emeralds will serve as a complimentary moody wedding color, especially at the time when these colors get counteracted with shades of third light like ivory, etc.

Both emerald and ruby colors not only give a luxurious experience but also make a perfect modern color combination.

Fall Season Based Colors

The weddings inspired by the fall season brings inspiration from nature. To match the fall season you should go for bright metallic hues like bronze or gold. Tawny brown and pine green colors, gold, and plum wine make the perfect choice for modern color combinations.


Yellow and Blush

Whether you want to go for a romantic gathering or a bohemian wedding, a selection of yellow and blush makes the wonder for you. You can use this combination in outdoor settings. The brighter the color, the classic would be wedding tone. There are different permutation that goes with this modern color combination like vivid shades of pink, yellow, and white. All these three colors offer a bright and summery feel. For trending and exotic look, you can go for dark colors such as muted shades of daffodil, salmon, and mohair.


Ivory & white for Classic Weddings


Traditionally known as the tainted white, the ivory color comes as a softer version of white that has a tiny touch of cream and brown. In the present time, ivory is a modern color that when blends with other colors come out as a beautiful piece of modern color combination. Whether it is about modern wedding invitations or modern wedding dresses, ivory color has become a classy choice for every combination. The use of ivory color and different color combinations in weddings create quiet, soothing, and serene surroundings that your guests will never forget. It will be a calm, pristine, and quality experience for them.


Indigo and Violet

Traditionally known as the tainted white, the ivory color comes as a softer version of white that has a tiny touch of cream and brown. In the present time, ivory is a modern color that when blends with other colors come out as a beautiful piece of modern color combination. Whether it is about modern wedding invitations or modern wedding dresses, ivory color has become a classy choice for every combination. The use of ivory color and different color combinations in weddings create quiet, soothing, and serene surroundings that your guests will never forget. It will be a calm, pristine, and quality experience for them.


Blue, Orange, Yellow, and Red

The combination of four colors is rare and exciting to use. All the colors are contrasted with each other, and if you are looking for modern color combinations then this is just for you. You can use the frills of blue, red, orange, and yellow colors and make beautiful curtains for your choice. The backdrop created with these modern color combinations becomes a photogenic spot for your wedding. You can also add the elements of this color to your wedding cake. The combination of red and orange gives you modern wedding invitations.


Blue and Gold


Both, gold and blue colors tend to make you feel nautical, especially when you mix these two colors with the third color, ivory. The couples with the requirement of unique wedding vibes are preferring the combination of blue and gold. You can go for the preppy details and prints to use these modern color combinations. In case, if you are looking for a more subdued style, then you should go for deeper shades of blue and metallic gold which will offer you a regal experience.

You can use these modern color combinations through blue flowers with metallic stationery that will also come with blue lettering.


Red and White 

Red has its importance when it comes to weddings, especially weddings in India. The color is considered auspicious and is often symbolizes prosperity and good luck. In western countries, the red color is considered the color of love, and thus, what better than to honor your nuptial day with a dark and gorgeous palette. If you are looking for a modern color combination for a wedding, then it's preferable to let your venue guide the design. The deep red wall complimented with red florals and neutral table arrangement could be an amazing option.

Red is considered a bold color, therefore, it is advisable to go for the light accent shades so that it doesn't feel way too strong or empowering. You can also embrace all the bright colors in our bouquet that matches with your lipstick or even shoes.


The Different Choices for Modern Color Combinations

  • The pink and purple combination is magical and is perfect for table cloth, modern wedding invitation, etc.
  • The combination of blue, pink, orange, and green will be highly impactful.
  • The deadly combination of pink, purple, black, and gold is all about the luxe vibe, regality, and charm.
  • The modern color combination of blue, orange and yellow will create a rustic, classic theme, and suit perfectly with a beachside wedding.

Purple, orange, and yellow, also make the best choice for modern color combination.


Your wedding day is the most precious day of your life. It is almost like a rebirth. You become a new person, assuming newer roles and responsibilities. With everything happening so fast, your wedding day can almost leave you in tears. It can be exciting, overwhelming, nervous and joyous. Here are the five wedding emotions that every bride and groom experiences on their wedding day:

1. Last-minute pre-wedding jitters: No matter how amazing your wedding day feels, it is never free from last-minute anxiety. Constantly checking your gown and if everything is in place, obsessively thinking about if all is going great -all these thoughts entangle you, not letting you live the moment. If you find yourself victimized by such thoughts, tell yourself that everything is perfect and you are living it. To keep yourself safe from any last-minute jitters in deciding your wedding invitation, check out our collection of floral wedding invitations.

2. Joy: It’s finally happening! Your dream day is right here and the man of your dreams is standing hand in hand, right beside you. It is, of course, a happy moment, almost like a dream. All faces are pasted with a wide smile. It is a joy when the thing you had been planning since forever, is finally happening.

3. Overwhelmed: Joy and being overwhelmed have a minute boundary. Being overwhelmed is letting the emoticons sink in. You’re extremely happy which makes you a little sad. Everything feels surreal, almost from out of the world. Amidst the fast forward wedding day, this feeling kicks in and everyone’s eyes well up. Happy tears roll down as the couple walks down the aisle. It looks perfect, just how it looks on the wedding invitations!

4. Sadness: Your wedding day can make you a little sad too. It is rightly said, wedding life is the beginning of a new life. It means leaving everything behind and heading on to a new journey which means moving away from your family, friends and even the memories that had been treasured in your childhood home. It is saddening but you have to be right there and look at the brighter side – literally!

5. Love: Last but not the least; you feel the most gorgeous touch of love. On your wedding day, love is in the air (and besides you!) The way he lets out his hand, the way you do his bow tie, the way your father kisses his little princess, the way he holds you by the shoulder, the way your mother straightens your floral tiara; there’s love all around! Weddings are so much full of love.

This was a brief about the emotions couples feel on their wedding day. In case you’re wondering how you can cope with this emotional roller coaster, we have some tips for you:

Stay calm: Your anxiety might do more harm than good. You had been waiting for this moment since you said your first “yes”. Keep yourself calm and trust your destiny.

Stay hydrated: In the middle of all the hustle, don’t forget to drink water. It will keep you fresh for long and even pump in some energy to run through the day.

Take some time off: If you feel overwhelmed, take yourself out for a walk or just get some alone time before the wedding ceremony. Play your favorite song and recharge yourself to pull yourself through the day.

Stay positive: Belief in yourself. If and when you feel low, take yourself back to why love him in the first place. What made you say “yes”? You’re meant to be and this going to be worth it!

No matter how you feel, your emotional wedding day will always be locked in your memory and every passing day will be proof of the best decision you’ve ever made! 

 Happy wedding!


One of the most beautiful and the coziest time of the year, the season of winter is here. The white sheets of snow-covered all over make the aura more pristine and cherishing altogether. On the one hand, we have merriment of holiday season while on the other hand. We have the excitement of coming to New Year. Amidst all the joy, there are few of us who would like to take things to the next level.



Well, there are many ways, and one of the best ways is to tie a knot during winter and throw a spectacular winter wedding gala. Now you must be wondering what is there so special about winter weddings. Actually, there are lots of perks of being a winter bride or winter groom. From wedding invitation cards to wedding venues, from the wedding dress to the wedding menu, you have so many other important tasks to finalize according to the season in which you will have your wedding.

When it comes to a winter wedding, you have to take extra caution because you don’t want winters to take a toll on your guests’ health with cough and cold. However, winter is always the best time to tie a knot and there are numerous reasons that support our statement. Here in this post, we have consolidated all the factors that will help you all take the final decision who is perplexing on taking a decision, whether to have or not to have a winter wedding. Without any further ado, let us start with our list of the benefits of winter wedding so that you may learn the secret of making winter wedding unforgettable.

Innovative Decoration

The winter comes with lots of innovative ideas to adorn a wedding venue in a ground-breaking manner. Since you are planning of winter wedding, it becomes evident that you choose something winter-ish such as cute snowflakes, pinecones and a hot cocoa station at the wedding reception. If you are looking for something sophisticated then you can go for a romantic palette of merlot black and ivory. Not only wedding venue but also drape yourself according to winter in cozy, warm and elegant cover-ups such as faux fur earmuffs and hand warmers to accessorize your bridal attire.

Amazing Vendor Discounts

A wedding is one of the most expensive affairs of anyone’s life. But since it is also an imperative part of our lives, we also have to check our budget. Having a winter wedding gives us the chance to organize our wedding gala in the most budget-friendly manner. During this time, because of the holiday season, Christmas and New Year, there are high chances that you could avail of great discounts under winter wedding discount mania. There are many vendors who offer a great range of discounts and offers at the time of winter wedding. Whether its photographer or caterer, wedding dress designer or wedding venue owner, they will get you some really amazing discounts.

Charming Photoshoot Option

Having a winter wedding is something special and you definitely would like to capture its aura.  The wedding not makes things economically friendly but also offers multiple options to organize wedding photoshoot. Winter is indeed the most romantic and unique time of the year. It provides a bride and a groom, plenty of options where they can organize their photoshoot. You could find serene white snow blanketing the ground makes the perfect canvas for a photoshoot. Then there are frosts over branches of trees along with gorgeous snow dancing down the landscape. Plus, there will be no sweat and you and your guests will enjoy your time like a pro.

Holiday breaks

Having a winter wedding has its own perks. Not only you will find a gorgeous design for your islamic wedding invitations but also many reasons that will make you smile. One of the best benefits of a winter wedding is that you do not have to worry about applying for leaves from your office or your school/college. Since weddings take our ample amount of time for proper preparation, having a winter wedding is always beneficial, as it allows us to prepare us for many ceremonies such as bridal shower, bachelorette party and many more. During the wintertime, many offices and school/colleges get the holiday off and thus there will be no tension of backlog and you can enjoy your time to the fullest.

Winter Honeymoon

Honeymoon is one of the most important parts after the wedding which everybody wants to make memorable. If you are having a winter wedding, then another thing which steals the show after wedding invitation cards is the honeymoon in winter. You will find nature’s beauty at its peak during this time of winter wedding. Having a long stretched snow-covered landscape will be an absolute bliss for your honeymoon. You can go to gorgeous Pennsylvania to enjoy winter at its peak or you can also to Mexico for something sunny and warmer experience. Having weddings during the winter will be an absolute delight and gives you a perfect chance to enjoy the most special time after your wedding in a memorable manner.

Some more benefits of winter weddings are given below: 

  • You can actually save a significant amount of money during the wedding in winter.
  • Having a wedding in winter is always cozy and romantic. Having a fire-side wedding with hot drinks and cozy fabrics create a perfect environ of coziness and romance.
  • The snow-covered pine trees, the grayish sky in the backdrop and shimmering frozen lake make perfect wedding photo canvas.
  • Winter allows you to bloom in black fabric. Flaunts with the colors such as berry, emerald, pewter, black, marsala, plum, bronze, and many more.
  • The weddings during winter give you the chance to hire your favorite vendors. There is an easy availability of the photographer, caterer, florist, wedding invitation cards designer and other vendors during a winter wedding.
  • Since winter is the time of holiday, therefore you could expect more friends and family members to attend your wedding and making it a momentous gala.
  • Weddings in winter are always a special way to make your nuptial day memorable. It gives your guests a distinctive memory for the rest of their life.

Weddings have always been about details, bustling colors. But times are changing and there’s a modest value that is taking couples world over by a storm. The 'less is more' ideology is like saying a lot in few words. Weddings today are highlighting the minimalist ideology where couples are going for a lighter, calmer and simpler wedding. Here are some great minimalist wedding ideas:

  1. Replace the tacky wedding invitation with an elegant wedding invite. Choose muted tones and minimalist fonts such as the black typewriter font or stylish calligraphy. Use space lavishly and opt out of using any decorations or delicate designs. Check out our collection of elegant wedding invites on our website.

  2. Revamp an industrial space into a rustic wedding venue. Embellish the long windows with green vines for a perfect minimalist backdrop. Accessorise the venue with pastel shades to make the industrial gauche standout.

  3. For the wedding venue, pick a wedding color theme for your wedding. Remember, minimalist weddings are not about 'no color', they’re about minimal color. So, go for lighter shades–soothing yellows, blush pinks, calming blues that focus on you instead of the venue. 

  4. If you are narrowing down to an open venue, make a canopy of fairy lights for a dreamy wedding. 

  5. The wedding decor has to be in sync with the wedding color palette. A bunch of green foliage hung against the plain white wall makes a chic backdrop. If you’re going for a rectangular frame as the backdrop, beautify the corners with Bohemian flowers for the complete rustic look! A geometric pattern runner rug in the aisle is the ideal minimalistic aisle accessory. 

  6. Minimalist wedding gowns are wedding gowns minus the intricate designs. Plain white flowing gowns deliver an opulent look. Pair it with light make-up and belle flats for the glamorous yet minimalistic look. You can even opt for a slit sheath dress with loose curls and foliage embellishing the hair.

  7. Minimalist wedding menu cards use lots of empty white spaces and bigger sans-serif fonts. You can even go for faux calligraphy fonts for a funky yet minimalistic look. 

  8. Minimalist crockery is about lighter colors and simpler designs. Ivory white plates and chargers fit perfectly. Melamine crockery with a rough-hewn wooden texture is another choice. Pair them with pastel green napkins for the complete look.

  9. Go for sleek eucalyptus bouquets or rectangular candles as centerpieces. White table cards with elegant calligraphy erected on mini wooden easels complete the minimalistic table setting. 

  10. The perfect wedding cake would bean all-white three-tier cake decorated with minimal natural blossoms and topped with a 'Mr & Mrs' top piece.

  11. Toss ideas for a minimalist wedding are an easy guess. Go for natural herbs stuffed in paper cones. You can even swap herbs with natural flowers for an aromatic twist. 

  12. Choosing minimal pomp and show wedding favor can be a tough journey. So, pick something that is class wrapped in simplicity. Soy candle jars or handmade chocolates packed in light-colored paper boxes that have handles, adorned with rustic calligraphy are the best picks.

  13. Bare wooden chairs enhanced with ho-him minimal chair sashes and verdant green foliage are classic for a pure fresh look. Transparent seating with a lively table escape will be a minimalist complementary look.

  14. A sweet gesture would show through a wooden wall hung with donuts. It will be a smart swap to a sweet corner. 

  15. Revamp the old desk of drawers for an eccentric alternative for a self-serving station. Place a vintage runner in the middle, lined with lush greens running through the middle of the runner. 

  16. A minimalist wedding bouquet is far from overflowing and bulky. Bunch together a few succulents, twines and foliage for a maximum green and minimalist bouquet. If you’re in the one-flower army, use a hydrangea or white calla for the fresh feels.

  17. Plop a whiteboard on a wooden easel and display the seating arrangement in vintage typography. The black writing against the white background will give a minimal contrasting effect. 

  18. Ditch the typical shimmering chandeliers and go for a bloomy adornment instead. Flower stems hanging upside down will give a beautiful, minimalist garden look. Bonus: enchanting fragrance!

  19. Votive candles are the thing in a minimalist world. Erect them on the sweetheart table for a dreamy atmosphere around the couple. Don’t forget to dress them up with little twigs of Bohemian theme blossoms.

  20. Pure white balloons written with phrases about love in elegant are the perfect minimalist accessories. Use the font in your elegant wedding invitation to draw a connection.


Happy wedding!


Wedding cake at the wedding reception is like music in karaoke – their absence is felt. However, as people are becoming modern, they are ditching their old creamy friends. Below are some kickass wedding cake alternatives that will be perfect substitutes for the evergreen wedding cake:

1. Cake poppers: These are perfect if you are a loyal cake person. Cake poppers are small cake balls, popped on a stick. They are topped with white chocolate sauce, colorful sprinkles, silver balls or shredded coconut. It’s almost close to a crumbly version of a lollipop. This is what we call to delight in just one bite!

Cake poppers

2. Swiss rolls: Coming all the way from freezing lands of Switzerland, these are the rolled versions of a cake. Available in a variety of flavors – chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, they adapt to every person’s taste buds and give the illusion of cake spirals when sliced. Perhaps, if you are planning for a state-of-the-art wedding, this is the trend to follow, like the designer wedding invitations!

Swiss rolls

3. Macaroons: Are you a keeper of aesthetic things? If yes, this is for you. These cake-like biscuits, originally from Italy are a delight for the eyes and the taste buds. A macaroon is a biscuit cookie, generally made from almonds with the core of a sweet filling. For aesthetic feels, match their color with your wedding color or your designer wedding invitation and you have almost nailed the pro-game!

4. Churros: This traditional Spanish dessert is everything you need to spice up your wedding ceremony. It is a strip of deep-fried dough, dusted with white sugar and cinnamon. You can also get them made in cute shapes such as teacups and saucers and fill them with hot chocolate! 

5. A sweet buffet: If you are someone who caters to every person’s needs, then this is the right choice. It offers an assortment of desserts to choose from. There is something for everyone. From cakes to doughnuts, you can get your hands on anything you want. This serves a sweet feasible option and gives in all the feels of a wedding scene.

6. Cookies: A rustic disc of baked dough, cookies belongs to the 7th century Persia. From kids and adults to the elderly, they are everyone’s favorite. With delicious flavors ranging from Chocochip to fruit-and-nut, there is a delight in every bite! If you have a soft corner for cartoons, there are cookies in the shape of cartoon characters, so that everyone leaves a sweet smile! Perhaps, having them in your designer wedding invitation will be adorable to bits!

7. Ice cream sandwich: This is a bizarre pair – a thin slab of ice cream held together by a pair of crunchy biscuits. But the kids love it! Also, if you are going for a summer wedding, a cool dessert would be a great relief from the scorching heat. But make sure you have proper cooling arrangements to keep the ice cream from melting.

8. Pie, to which the heart cannot lie: A pie is cake’s next-door neighbor who is a little more tender but all the more delicious! Fun fact, you can even cut it like you cut a cake. Pies come in a variety of flavors and dressings including apple, pecan, banoffee, cheese, etc.


9. Doughnut: It is a simpler form of dessert. An ordinary ring of baked dough, it is a little stiff on the outside and soft on the inside. You can garnish it with variants including colorful sprinkles, sugar syrup or chocolate sauce. It is a multi-color dessert assortment, just like your pretty designer wedding invitation.

10. Croissants: They are the Mercedes of desserts. All the way from posh French confectionaries, these are shell-shaped loafs of patties, stuffed with flavored sauce, like chocolate, strawberry, blueberry, etc. A bite from the core and there it comes. All drooling. The sugary sauce goes perfectly with the plain dough.


So here comes the end to your wedding dessert delight substitutes for your wedding cake. If you are still in dilemma about it, believe me, it is always good to try out new things. You will not regret it!

Happy wedding!


Your wedding day is the most precious day of your life. So it should be perfect, just like how they show in movies. But a wedding in summers can wreak havoc. In blistering heat, taking care of yourself and your guests can be quite a task. But here we come to your rescue. Check out these seven key points before fixing your wedding in this heated season.

1. A Watery Affair

The high temperatures drain your body of all the water. So keeping an abundant supply of water is of utmost importance. Arrange for mini water bottles and install water coolers in various spots at the venue. Moreover, with an increase in heat, the energy levels go down too. So, a sweet energy boosting drink will work the best!

Summer Wedding Drinks Ideas - 123WeddingCards

2. Cool Air

With everyone decked up from head to toe, it is obvious to feel the heat more intensely. Make sure you have a proper air-conditioning system put in place well before the wedding day. Keeping air coolers in isolated locations won’t be a bad idea too! Also, self help your guests by providing them with hand fans to make them feel at ease.

Summer Wedding Decortaion Idea-123WeddingCards

3. The Lighter, The Better

Heat is attracted to dark colors. It is the most truthful truth I believe in. Make sure you wear light colors such as beige, light blues, greens, pinks, etc. With light color theme wedding, choose some light modern Indian wedding invitations, white wedding gowns, pastel colors table decors works the best, no doubt Along with this, try to arrange for a wedding gown in the cloth which absorbs body sweat really fast. You can skip the gloves and the veil if the heat is too much to bear. If your wedding dress leaves too much bare skin, don’t forget to wear a good sunscreen before stepping out in the open. Pro-tip – Don’t leave your hair hanging loose. Tie them up in a graceful bun and get done for the rest of the event.

Summer Wedding Dress-Up Ideas -123WeddingCards

4. In The Shade

Deciding a venue for a summer wedding can be cumbersome. So while choosing your destination makes sure that it is not an open area like a garden or a lawn. Because the more open, the hotter it will be. Take care of the lighting as well. Warm lights emit heat which will add on to the temperature of the atmosphere. If you’re planning for a destination wedding, select a location which has a pleasant climate. Not only will it ease out the whole thing, but you’ll also feel fresh as well.

Summer Wedding Venue Ideas - 123WeddingCards

5. Say No To Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have been proven to increase body temperature. Thus, with the sun shining overhead, drinking beer, whiskey, vodka and the like will not be that great a choice. Swap alcohol with some cool mojitos and cocktails. A mint blue lagoon garnished lavishly with ice makes up for a great substitute.

No Alcohol summer wedding idea - 123WeddingCards

6. Keep track of the time

The sun shines the brightest at noon up till around five in the evening. This is the time to avoid the sun and save you from the heat. Schedule your summer wedding for a heavy breakfast, starting early. Or if that doesn’t work, tie the knot under the stars with supper, followed by a sumptuous dinner. All in all, avoid
the sun.

Wedding Time Summer Wedding Ideas - 123WeddingCards

7. Be you

Wearing makeup is important to look good on your wedding day. But don’t you know that you look the best the way you are? Putting on makeup on a hot day will block your skin pores, not letting them breathe. This will shoot up your body temperature and soon, you’ll start sweating profusely. So to avoid all the discomfort, wear minimum makeup and sport a natural look!

Summer Wedding Make-Up Ideas - 123WeddingCards

Here comes the end of your go-to guide for your dream summer wedding 2019. Make sure you take good care of yourself and your guests without compromising on anything. It is your day, and the sun is not invited!  

Happy wedding!