Weddings have always been about details, bustling colors. But times are changing and there’s a modest value that is taking couples world over by a storm. The 'less is more' ideology is like saying a lot in few words. Weddings today are highlighting the minimalist ideology where couples are going for a lighter, calmer and simpler wedding. Here are some great minimalist wedding ideas:

  1. Replace the tacky wedding invitation with an elegant wedding invite. Choose muted tones and minimalist fonts such as the black typewriter font or stylish calligraphy. Use space lavishly and opt out of using any decorations or delicate designs. Check out our collection of elegant wedding invites on our website.

  2. Revamp an industrial space into a rustic wedding venue. Embellish the long windows with green vines for a perfect minimalist backdrop. Accessorise the venue with pastel shades to make the industrial gauche standout.

  3. For the wedding venue, pick a wedding color theme for your wedding. Remember, minimalist weddings are not about 'no color', they’re about minimal color. So, go for lighter shades–soothing yellows, blush pinks, calming blues that focus on you instead of the venue. 

  4. If you are narrowing down to an open venue, make a canopy of fairy lights for a dreamy wedding. 

  5. The wedding decor has to be in sync with the wedding color palette. A bunch of green foliage hung against the plain white wall makes a chic backdrop. If you’re going for a rectangular frame as the backdrop, beautify the corners with Bohemian flowers for the complete rustic look! A geometric pattern runner rug in the aisle is the ideal minimalistic aisle accessory. 

  6. Minimalist wedding gowns are wedding gowns minus the intricate designs. Plain white flowing gowns deliver an opulent look. Pair it with light make-up and belle flats for the glamorous yet minimalistic look. You can even opt for a slit sheath dress with loose curls and foliage embellishing the hair.

  7. Minimalist wedding menu cards use lots of empty white spaces and bigger sans-serif fonts. You can even go for faux calligraphy fonts for a funky yet minimalistic look. 

  8. Minimalist crockery is about lighter colors and simpler designs. Ivory white plates and chargers fit perfectly. Melamine crockery with a rough-hewn wooden texture is another choice. Pair them with pastel green napkins for the complete look.

  9. Go for sleek eucalyptus bouquets or rectangular candles as centerpieces. White table cards with elegant calligraphy erected on mini wooden easels complete the minimalistic table setting. 

  10. The perfect wedding cake would bean all-white three-tier cake decorated with minimal natural blossoms and topped with a 'Mr & Mrs' top piece.

  11. Toss ideas for a minimalist wedding are an easy guess. Go for natural herbs stuffed in paper cones. You can even swap herbs with natural flowers for an aromatic twist. 

  12. Choosing minimal pomp and show wedding favor can be a tough journey. So, pick something that is class wrapped in simplicity. Soy candle jars or handmade chocolates packed in light-colored paper boxes that have handles, adorned with rustic calligraphy are the best picks.

  13. Bare wooden chairs enhanced with ho-him minimal chair sashes and verdant green foliage are classic for a pure fresh look. Transparent seating with a lively table escape will be a minimalist complementary look.

  14. A sweet gesture would show through a wooden wall hung with donuts. It will be a smart swap to a sweet corner. 

  15. Revamp the old desk of drawers for an eccentric alternative for a self-serving station. Place a vintage runner in the middle, lined with lush greens running through the middle of the runner. 

  16. A minimalist wedding bouquet is far from overflowing and bulky. Bunch together a few succulents, twines and foliage for a maximum green and minimalist bouquet. If you’re in the one-flower army, use a hydrangea or white calla for the fresh feels.

  17. Plop a whiteboard on a wooden easel and display the seating arrangement in vintage typography. The black writing against the white background will give a minimal contrasting effect. 

  18. Ditch the typical shimmering chandeliers and go for a bloomy adornment instead. Flower stems hanging upside down will give a beautiful, minimalist garden look. Bonus: enchanting fragrance!

  19. Votive candles are the thing in a minimalist world. Erect them on the sweetheart table for a dreamy atmosphere around the couple. Don’t forget to dress them up with little twigs of Bohemian theme blossoms.

  20. Pure white balloons written with phrases about love in elegant are the perfect minimalist accessories. Use the font in your elegant wedding invitation to draw a connection.


Happy wedding!

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