Your wedding day is the most precious day of your life. So it should be perfect, just like how they show in movies. But a wedding in summers can wreak havoc. In blistering heat, taking care of yourself and your guests can be quite a task. But here we come to your rescue. Check out these seven key points before fixing your wedding in this heated season.

1. A Watery Affair

The high temperatures drain your body of all the water. So keeping an abundant supply of water is of utmost importance. Arrange for mini water bottles and install water coolers in various spots at the venue. Moreover, with an increase in heat, the energy levels go down too. So, a sweet energy boosting drink will work the best!

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2. Cool Air

With everyone decked up from head to toe, it is obvious to feel the heat more intensely. Make sure you have a proper air-conditioning system put in place well before the wedding day. Keeping air coolers in isolated locations won’t be a bad idea too! Also, self help your guests by providing them with hand fans to make them feel at ease.

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3. The Lighter, The Better

Heat is attracted to dark colors. It is the most truthful truth I believe in. Make sure you wear light colors such as beige, light blues, greens, pinks, etc. With light color theme wedding, choose some light modern Indian wedding invitations, white wedding gowns, pastel colors table decors works the best, no doubt Along with this, try to arrange for a wedding gown in the cloth which absorbs body sweat really fast. You can skip the gloves and the veil if the heat is too much to bear. If your wedding dress leaves too much bare skin, don’t forget to wear a good sunscreen before stepping out in the open. Pro-tip – Don’t leave your hair hanging loose. Tie them up in a graceful bun and get done for the rest of the event.

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4. In The Shade

Deciding a venue for a summer wedding can be cumbersome. So while choosing your destination makes sure that it is not an open area like a garden or a lawn. Because the more open, the hotter it will be. Take care of the lighting as well. Warm lights emit heat which will add on to the temperature of the atmosphere. If you’re planning for a destination wedding, select a location which has a pleasant climate. Not only will it ease out the whole thing, but you’ll also feel fresh as well.

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5. Say No To Alcohol

Alcoholic beverages have been proven to increase body temperature. Thus, with the sun shining overhead, drinking beer, whiskey, vodka and the like will not be that great a choice. Swap alcohol with some cool mojitos and cocktails. A mint blue lagoon garnished lavishly with ice makes up for a great substitute.

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6. Keep track of the time

The sun shines the brightest at noon up till around five in the evening. This is the time to avoid the sun and save you from the heat. Schedule your summer wedding for a heavy breakfast, starting early. Or if that doesn’t work, tie the knot under the stars with supper, followed by a sumptuous dinner. All in all, avoid
the sun.

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7. Be you

Wearing makeup is important to look good on your wedding day. But don’t you know that you look the best the way you are? Putting on makeup on a hot day will block your skin pores, not letting them breathe. This will shoot up your body temperature and soon, you’ll start sweating profusely. So to avoid all the discomfort, wear minimum makeup and sport a natural look!

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Here comes the end of your go-to guide for your dream summer wedding 2019. Make sure you take good care of yourself and your guests without compromising on anything. It is your day, and the sun is not invited!  

Happy wedding!

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