Your wedding day is the most precious day of your life. It is almost like a rebirth. You become a new person, assuming newer roles and responsibilities. With everything happening so fast, your wedding day can almost leave you in tears. It can be exciting, overwhelming, nervous and joyous. Here are the five wedding emotions that every bride and groom experiences on their wedding day:

1. Last-minute pre-wedding jitters: No matter how amazing your wedding day feels, it is never free from last-minute anxiety. Constantly checking your gown and if everything is in place, obsessively thinking about if all is going great -all these thoughts entangle you, not letting you live the moment. If you find yourself victimized by such thoughts, tell yourself that everything is perfect and you are living it. To keep yourself safe from any last-minute jitters in deciding your wedding invitation, check out our collection of floral wedding invitations.

2. Joy: It’s finally happening! Your dream day is right here and the man of your dreams is standing hand in hand, right beside you. It is, of course, a happy moment, almost like a dream. All faces are pasted with a wide smile. It is a joy when the thing you had been planning since forever, is finally happening.

3. Overwhelmed: Joy and being overwhelmed have a minute boundary. Being overwhelmed is letting the emoticons sink in. You’re extremely happy which makes you a little sad. Everything feels surreal, almost from out of the world. Amidst the fast forward wedding day, this feeling kicks in and everyone’s eyes well up. Happy tears roll down as the couple walks down the aisle. It looks perfect, just how it looks on the wedding invitations!

4. Sadness: Your wedding day can make you a little sad too. It is rightly said, wedding life is the beginning of a new life. It means leaving everything behind and heading on to a new journey which means moving away from your family, friends and even the memories that had been treasured in your childhood home. It is saddening but you have to be right there and look at the brighter side – literally!

5. Love: Last but not the least; you feel the most gorgeous touch of love. On your wedding day, love is in the air (and besides you!) The way he lets out his hand, the way you do his bow tie, the way your father kisses his little princess, the way he holds you by the shoulder, the way your mother straightens your floral tiara; there’s love all around! Weddings are so much full of love.

This was a brief about the emotions couples feel on their wedding day. In case you’re wondering how you can cope with this emotional roller coaster, we have some tips for you:

Stay calm: Your anxiety might do more harm than good. You had been waiting for this moment since you said your first “yes”. Keep yourself calm and trust your destiny.

Stay hydrated: In the middle of all the hustle, don’t forget to drink water. It will keep you fresh for long and even pump in some energy to run through the day.

Take some time off: If you feel overwhelmed, take yourself out for a walk or just get some alone time before the wedding ceremony. Play your favorite song and recharge yourself to pull yourself through the day.

Stay positive: Belief in yourself. If and when you feel low, take yourself back to why love him in the first place. What made you say “yes”? You’re meant to be and this going to be worth it!

No matter how you feel, your emotional wedding day will always be locked in your memory and every passing day will be proof of the best decision you’ve ever made! 

 Happy wedding!

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