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Bariatric Surgery | Weight Loss Surgery in New Jersey

Obesity is recognized as a chronic, progressive disease that’s not always the result of a lack of discipline. Genetic factors, your environment and psychological makeup play a role in excessive weight gain. Obesity is a serious health issue that comes with a multitude of side effects. But when continued dieting proves fruitless, you may become discouraged. Bariatric surgery by the caring experts at Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics of NJ, PA offers safe, effective solutions for weight loss. 

We are proud to offer New Jersey’s best and widest variety of weight loss procedures, all of which we carefully and professionally custom to your individual needs. Dr. Sadek and his team of experienced bariatric surgeons offer every weight loss procedure available today, from non-surgical options like gastric balloons and endo sleeves, to surgical procedures such as lap band, sleeve gastrectomies and much more.

In the United States, there are thousands of men and women who have undergone weight loss surgery and have lost thousands of pounds of excess weight. There are a number of factors that determine which weight loss procedure is right for you. Some of these factors include the amount of weight you need to lose, your insurance and also the recommendation of the Advanced Surgical and Bariatric’s Team.


Bariatric Surgery to Lose Weight

Surgery to help you lose weight is referred to as bariatric surgery. When exercise and diet don’t achieve your desired weight-loss results, turn to bariatric surgery options at Advanced Surgical & Bariatrics of NJ bariatric center. Your doctor may refer you to a bariatric surgeon when obesity threatens your health or when you have an underlying medical condition that’s exacerbated by the extra pounds.

Bariatric surgery generally involves making changes to your digestive system that limits either the food you can comfortably eat or the nutrients your body absorbs from that food. Your New Jersey weight-loss specialists perform a range of bariatric weight-loss procedures, such as:

  • Bariatric sleeve surgery. Also called laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy, this procedure is often the first step in a bariatric treatment for people with a body mass index (BMI) higher than 35. It reduces the size of your functioning stomach to about the size of a banana. It may be the only procedure you need, as results from gastric sleeve surgery can be remarkable.
  • Gastric bypass. The American Society for Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery reported that gastric bypass is the gold standard of bariatric weight loss surgery. This bariatric surgery in NJ is designed to create a very small stomach to hold about one ounce of food. A smaller stomach leaves you feeling full faster, leading to a reduced appetite, increased energy and significant weight loss.
  • Gastric banding surgery. An adjustable gastric band offers an alternative bariatric bypass surgery. It’s much less invasive and flexible enough to slowly introduce you to eating less. An inflatable band with an attached port is inserted laparoscopically and pulled tighter by injecting saline into the port. The process is completely reversible, but it reduces the amount of food you can eat, restricting calorie intake so you lose weight without more invasive surgery.
  • Bariatric revision surgery. Revisional bariatric weight loss surgery refers to procedures needed when an initial bariatric treatment fails to produce the desired weight loss or you start gaining weight again. While lifestyle habits may need to be addressed, it’s also possible that your body just didn’t take to the first treatment. As a result, you may need to have a second procedure. Advanced Surgical and Bariatrics of NJ, PA has one of the lowest complication rates in the Northeast due to an emphasis on quality care, cutting-edge surgical techniques and superior safety standards.
  • Non-surgical weight loss. While you’re under twilight sedation, two balloons are inserted endoscopically through your mouth. They’re filled with a saline solution to reduce the space in your stomach. This completely reversible weight-loss procedure carries substantially lower risks and significantly shorter downtime than surgery. You feel full faster, which teaches you how to regulate your caloric intake.

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