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Hernia repair is the most common operation performed worldwide, with over 1 million repairs performed yearly in the United States alone. There are many types of hernias and they can occur at numerous anatomical sites including several different areas of the abdominal wall (umbilical, inguinal, and ventral just to name a few), to areas of the diaphragm, to hernias related to internal anatomy (e.g. internal hernia after gastric bypass surgery).

In addition to anatomic site variation, hernias range from simple first-time occurrences to those that have re-occurred once or several times and thus require a more extensive analysis of why this may have happened and subsequent planning for risk-factor reduction through an individualized plan for subsequent repair.

A hernia is the defect, or hole, through which another structure starts to push through. The hernia is NOT the bulge itself, but rather the gap through which something else is bulging outward or into a space where it does not belong. Hernia meshes are generally similar to mosquito net, but are sterile and more highly engineered to help provide mechanical reinforcement of tissue. Since a hernia is a defect, not an actual structure itself, repairing the hole often requires a patch, or piece of mesh, in order to close the gap and restore the natural integrity of the tissue layers. Sometimes small hernias can be repaired by simply sewing the edges of the hole together, but this only applies to very small hernia defects. For most hernias, a patch is required; experience has shown that repairing a large hernia defect without mesh leads to excessive tension on the tissues, which in turn leads to a guaranteed recurrence of the hernia over time.

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