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Why Treating Your Kid's Teeth Is Better Than Extra

Many parents do not think that the primary teeth treatment is needed. Everybody knows that pediatric dentist services are not cheap. Therefore, they think, why spend money on a treatment of the teeth that will be replaced by constant ones anyway? Let them just stay like this or, if a child suffers from pain or discomfort, extract them. What a smart idea (no).

These attempts to save money may cause their children serious problems in the future. Let us see how it works and why the extraction of primary teeth is the least preferable option, no matter how simple this decision may seem to the parents.

Each primary tooth has a germ of the constant one underneath. This means that each of them has its place to be and it's time to fall out and be replaced. If this order is broken for some reason, this causes the development of malocclusion. How does it happen?

Imagine a situation. A primary tooth is extracted before it is replaced in a natural way. This means that we have an empty space in a child's mouth that won’t be filled anytime soon. The teeth will start moving around from their place to fill it – this is also a natural process. And when the time will come for a constant tooth to appear, its place will be taken by the other tooth that has moved there in this process.

However, dentition is a process that’s impossible to stop. So, the tooth will have to find some other place to appear in, and this is usually a bad thing. It may appear a bit to the side of the teeth row, spoiling the aesthetic look of the smile and sometimes bringing significant discomfort to a child.

The problem of malocclusion is not as innocent as it may seem. First, there is aesthetic issues that for sure will influence the self-esteem of your child in the future Plus, it causes numerous problems like faster wear of other teeth, digestive problems, deformation of face features and even headaches.

Of course, bite correction is available at any dentistry clinic, but it may not only cost more money than the treatment of primary teeth, but also will take much more time and effort. This is why primary teeth should only be extracted when they are impossible to save. And in those cases, the empty space should be filled with a special crown for kids.

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