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Cars are necessary for every person in our modern world. Almost everybody, who  just received a driver's license has a vehicle. Yes, it could be just an old used pickup. Or it could be a presentable car, such as Lexus, Porsche, or Bentley. Today, different leasing companies offer cars for leasing. What is this and is this option for you?

So, ? car lease is an arrangement in which you pay your leasing company for the right to drive your leased car. You sign an agreement with a leasing company that lets you drive, for example, a brand new vehicle for an agreed period of time, for an agreed number of miles, for a fixed fee.

It consists of a non-refundable upfront payment, followed by regular monthly payments for the length of the contract. But, you never own the car, you just hand it back at the end of the contract period.

If you really dream about a car and you really need it, but now you can't afford such a purchase, you can use the service of leasing. But to make such a decision, you must be sure. To do this, read the main advantages and disadvantages of leasing.

Leasing Advantages

  • It is an opportunity for people to drive more expensive vehicles for a smaller monthly payment and less money down. For example, you can drive a new Lexus NX 300T or Lexus GS F just after signing a lease contract.

  • Leasing allows customers to drive a new vehicle every couple of years, depending on the length of the lease program.

  • Finally, unlike owning a vehicle outright at the end of a standard automotive loan, leasing helps customers avoid the hassles often associated with selling their used car to an independent third-party or trading in their vehicle to a local dealer. Instead, you simply turn in your vehicle at the end of the lease term and begin a new lease on a new vehicle, if that's the route you choose to take. It's a simple method some customers find more attractive than the traditional used car sales or trade-in process.

Leasing Disadvantages

  • Most vehicle leasing programs have a yearly mileage limit. This means that you can drive your vehicle only a certain amount of miles every year without paying a penalty at the end of the lease term. Obviously, these mileage limitations wouldn't work for someone who drives their car at long distances on a frequent basis or someone who simply can't embrace being limited to the amount of miles they drive in any given month during any given year.

  • Another disadvantage to leasing is that at the end of the lease term, you don't own the vehicle. For some people, this is OK. For others, it doesn't make sense to make monthly payments for three, four or five years on a car they'll never own.

  • Finally, the vehicle leasing process is, in essence, difficult. Lease contracts are often confusing, arduous and lengthy. Additionally, the lease terms set forth in the contract, even if your driving habits, preferences and needs will change, binds you.  

If leasing a car is the best option for you, there is a place in Brooklyn where all the disadvantages are reduced to minimum. New York’s Auto Leasing always has a number of special offers, the process of documental routine is optimized not to steal too much time from you and the choice is always great.

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