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Traditional Indian weddings are very different from the Western way of celebrating. Though living in the USA, Indian people try to preserve their traditions as much as possible. If you are from New Jersey and were lucky to receive an invitation to attend such an event, here are some facts to inform you of what to expect.

  • The traditions and rituals accompanying the Indian wedding date back to the Vedas, to the glorious times of the Aryan culture domination. In Indian society, a wedding is not only the union of two people but also two souls. The marriage ties the families of the bride and groom in unbreakable bonds and from that moment, happiness and misfortune, sorrows and joys, respect and honor affect each of the members who are part of the large family. Indians are devoted to faith and ancient traditions, strictly keeping and honoring them for thousands of years.

  • Be prepared for the fact that there will be more than 200 guests at the wedding. This is a very important event for both families. Both the bride and groom try to invite all their relatives and friends for this holiday. Many people have not seen each other for years, but such an important event renews family ties and makes them stronger.

  • You’ll see lavish decorations. Indian weddings always have gorgeous decorations strewn everywhere. As a rule, these are incredible floral compositions, flowers of all colors of the rainbow, garlands and huge bouquets, petals scattered everywhere.

  • There will be a hand-decorating party. One of the events hosted is a mehndi party. Mehndi is put on the bride and other females attending the wedding. In the Indian culture, it is said that the deeper the color, the stronger the love the groom has for the bride.

Think about what to wear for each event.

As a rule, Indian Wedding is a 3-day celebration.Even though you might not typically wear the same thing three days in a row, you’ll still need new clothes for each different event on each different day, and you’ll need different accessories to match every outfit for that event.

The wedding ceremony is almost 2 hours long.

The ceremony is absolutely beautiful, but sometimes it's difficult to sit through because you might not know what the Indian priest is saying. After 30 minutes, same guests can get up and walk around.  It's quite rude. That's why you can hear the announcement made for all the guests to use the restroom before to the ceremony beginning.

Someone will steal the groom’s shoes.

On the day of the wedding, everything gets serious. Traditionally, the groom’s family tries to protect the groom’s shoes, while the bride’s side of the family tries to steal them.

  • Absolutely luxurious photo and video. Imagine a beautiful traditional wedding dress of the bride, elegant guests, flowers, and fabrics! Believe us, it is a great sight to view and be a part of.

  • Everyone can dance!

Indian weddings tend to have the best parties once the dance floor opens! A mix of old school and new Indian and American music is played.  If you are attending a wedding where traditional Indian dances will be presented - consider yourself incredibly lucky!

And if you are a happy Indian family that is getting prepared for such a great event, there is a studio that knows how to capture that astounding beauty and brightness in all its glory. It’s New Jersey Videography. We deeply respect and adore your traditions and know how to make others feel the same.

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