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Dysmenorrhea is the dysfunction of the menstrual period characterized by the severe pain during menstruations. The pain can be acute or dull, localizing in the lower part of the stomach. Dysmenorrhea is very common for the girls in their teenage period. The pain can be so strong that a girl is not able to attend school, participate in sports, hobbies and be fully active in her social life.

Usually this problem does not occur because of some pathologies of the girl’s inner organs. A pain simply appears every time. It can have the similar intenseness each month, or get worse and worse each year. A little pain and discomfort during the menstruations is quite normal, but if your daughter suffers and lies on the couch not able to attend lessons, it is not a normal condition. You need to take her to the gynecologist and help your little princess go through it.

Such condition requires diagnostics to determine whether the problem is not connected with some organ pathologies, inflammatory processes or tumors. Very often, certain psychotic or nervous issues promote an increased sensitivity to pain in girls. If some of these provoking factors will show themselves during the exam, the treatment of the main disease will help get rid from the pain. If not, the main focus of the treatment will be on the pain syndrome and nervous background.

Teenage years is not an easy time for a child. Especially when it concerns girls, whose self-esteem is very fragile in this period. They question their place in the cruel teenage world, they learn how to be women and they worry about every single nonsense that later they will be laughing at. Relationship in a family is also important. Embrace your little woman, talk to her and respect her. Do your best to make her life a bit easier in this difficult time period.

A big help will be also to relieve her physical pain. With this, Manhattan Women’s Health and Wellness can cope. Two centers (in Midtown and Upper East Side) are ready to treat your daughter’s dysmenorrhea and to provide her with one more caring friend – her gynecologist.

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