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PCOS, or polycystic ovarian syndrome is the disease that is familiar to many women in the USA. It occurs because of the multiple non-malignant cysts that occur on a woman’s ovaries. Though it does not threaten a woman’s life, it performs a very negative influence on it. If not treated, the polycystic ovarian syndrome leads to the inability to fertilize. Also it is one of the main reasons for painful menstruations, weight gain and the excessive hair growth on a woman’s body.

The reasons of the PCOS appearance lie in a hormonal imbalance. A female hormonal sphere is a very delicate case. Hormones run many processes in a female body and their dysfunction may cause different diseases all over the body. That is why PCOS needs to be treated even if you do not want to have children. The development of the disease also strictly depends on your way of life. Weight gain brings more misbalance into the work of hormones and makes other complications as well. These are mutually dependent factors and it is necessary to break this circle.

Many women try to explore ways of PCOS self-treatment. Well, no treatment should be performed without the doctor’s prescription, necessary exams and consideration of your individual health issues. But there are some things you can do to help yourself. It is a weight loss and the optimization of your lifestyle. The work of hormones depends on the well-balanced work of the entire body. This includes healthy diet, enough sleep and physical activity. All these items contribute to the right concentration of hormones and all the systems functioning properly. A significant weight loss always brings a stable relief to a patient's hormonal background.

Still, if you have PCOS, a professional hormonal treatment is necessary. A lifestyle correction by itself will not treat the disease. An excellent PCOS treatment and many other services are available in Forest Hills Medical Services. Here you will surely get the best service in New York.

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