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There are a number of high impact glasses, which are applied in production of windows and glass doors. The best options are:

  1. Laminated glass glued together with a special polymer film. This process increases the strength of the glass and does not allow it to crack into large pieces when damaged.

  2. Tempered glass. In the manufacturing process, the glass is heated to a temperature of more than 540 degrees, and then very slowly cooled with cold air. A similar procedure is performed several times, after each, the strength increases significantly.

You can cover shockproof glass with oxide of silver for the mirror effect. Need a graphic or logo? You can choose among laser and diamond engraver, stained glass technique, film technique, application of paints, print. There even exists tinting of the glass during its production. Colors are added to the glass mixture at the stage of melting.

Glass storefront doors can have several technological solutions:

  1. Pendulum doors — the door swings open in both directions, fixed on the floor and ceiling, threshold is absent. They have a folding construction.

  2. Swing doors — plowing in one direction, the threshold is absent, attached on special loops. They can be single or double.

  3. Telescopic doors - guide tracks are mounted in the floor and ceiling according to the number of wings. Folds moving on rollers and open as parallel to each other.

  4. Sliding doors — rails are mounted on top and bottom. Door folds are rolled in both directions. Design can be single or double.

  5. Harmonica — glass slats fold like an accordion, moving with the help of a roller mechanism along the guide rails.

  6. The other type of sliding doors is when one or two folds silently go off to the side with the help of roller mechanism. There are options for automating the process of opening and closing doors.

For the entrance ways more actual are the pendulum design, hinged or sliding construction. A storefront with glass doors, located within the commercial areas often consist of a sliding or telescopic constructions.

Whatever type you may choose, no matter what glass doors you need – Sky Windows And Doors will provide you with the great quality of work, pleasant pricing and you may be sure that you will receive the best service.

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