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Just think about the fact, that 50 years ago, none of the young girls or women couldn't even think about the fact that they can change their body. Especially change it THERE! Today, we have huge opportunities for aesthetic surgery, but most importantly we have the right of choice.

So, if you’re feeling particularly self-conscious about the shape of your vagina, you might consider joining the thousands of women who have had a vaginoplasty — otherwise known as vagina tightening surgery.

This is a very common procedure, for women who decide to take action after noticing the effects that childbirth and aging have had on their genitals. Also, it's often used for young women, who have congenital abnormalities of the appearance of the vagina and external sexual characteristics.

Vaginal rejuvenation is considered both an aesthetic and functional procedure that involves the tightening of the inner and outer muscles and structures of the vagina. Enhancing vaginal muscle tone, strength, and control. Some women may wish to have a procedure to correct the shape of her labia while others may wish to have their vagina tightened. These procedures are separate but may be performed together or individually, depending on the woman’s choice.

Usually the options for this procedure are:

  • Reversing vaginal prolapse

  • Correcting congenital defects in the genital region

  • Removing growths

  • Vagina construction in male to female transsexuals

What A Woman Will Have After the Vaginoplasty

Probably the most common reason for women finding themselves signing up for this procedure is that they’ve lost self confidence. Vaginoplasty is likely to reinvigorate you and make you feel great about yourself ‘down there’ again!

Plus, besides feeling better about yourself, your vagina will look better too. This will be especially beneficial to women who are self-conscious about how they look naked. A major pro for vaginoplasty procedures is that they are a long-term solution and you won’t need to have a top-up in many years. While the tightness will relax a little as the years go by, you will still stay tight regardless of how much sex you’re having — the one thing that will negatively affect the results of the procedure is having a natural childbirth. Some surgeons and patients have said that they found their procedure to increase their vaginal sensitivity during sex leading to better orgasms and generally a better experience. Of course, this cannot be guaranteed — good sex comes from a combination of factors, many of which are emotional and psychological rather than physical — but it’s a good thing regardless!

In Professional Gynecological Services in Brooklyn, this procedure is available and performed with the best quality possible. Only the best professional care and an attitude every woman deserves – this is what you will have here.

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