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A freelance accountant has recently become a popular specialist for individual entrepreneurs, small businesses or newly formed companies that require rapid provision of accounting services.

A company that uses the services of a civilian accountant saves a lot, and the freelancer feels free, because he has enough time to find other clients or new classes.

Features of accounting freelancing

Many firms do not have full-time accountants at all, instead rely on outsourcing these functions or attracting freelancers. As a rule, they work without registration in the staff of part-time workers, accountants who are retired, as well as experienced professionals who have a free schedule and the ability to run several firms more than a daily 8-hour presence in the office.

There is a misconception that freelancers have low qualifications. However, in view of the inevitable universality and the need to lead several or even all plots solely, part-timers are able to provide a very wide range of accounting, legal, consulting, information and other services. Such accountants will not only calculate taxes. They will also make contracts, tax preparation, accounting software setup and a new enterprise registration.

The average freelance accountant offers a standard set of services:

  • Formulation of accounting

  • Restoration and accounting

  • Preparation of accounting and tax reporting

  • Timely submission of accounts to the Tax Authorities and Funds (FIU, FSS, ecology)

  • Reconciliation of mutual settlements, certificates from the Tax inspectorate

  • Reconciliation of mutual settlements with off-budget funds

  • Filing missing accounts for past years

  • Accounting and tax audit

  • Maintenance of personnel records management, payroll; drafting employment contracts, forming and monitoring the staffing table

The customer, focusing on his needs and budget, hires a freelancer for a strictly defined range of tasks. By the scope of work and the form of cooperation, there are two main types of freelance accounting:

The first - organize the customers document circulation, subsequently fixing these functions to the technical staff or the director. Employers send a copy of the database or upload data for a certain period. By e-mail, they exchange primary documents. For themselves, freelancers leave accounting and reporting.

The second - draw up all the primary documentation, provide information on the amounts and terms of payment of taxes, prepare reports, coordinate and submit to the regulatory authorities all reporting.

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