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The results of the numerous scientific research have proved the usefulness of fluoride for the human dental health. The fluoride therapy is the effective method of caries prevention but only in case if the concentration of the substance in mouth is constant and has a measurable amount. The two ways of using fluoride for the caries prevention were marked as proven and helpful. The first is the constant action of the low concentrations of the fluoride. The second is regular professional applications of the high concentrations of fluoride for people who have higher risks on having caries.

This type of treatment performs a complex action over the teeth. The substance in our saliva boost the process of remineralization of the enamel on the beginning stage of the caries. In addition, fluoride interferes with the reaction of glycolysis. In this process, the caries agents produce the acid that damages our enamel. The high concentrations of the substance perform the bactericide action. The penetration of fluorides in the period of active teeth formation makes the enamel more endurable to the aggressive influence of acids.

The complex action of the fluoride allows different treatment strategies to be applied with the consideration of individual needs and life conditions of the patients. The systemic fluoridation for the caries prevention is performed through the enriching of the water and food with fluoride and the fluoride medication treatment.

The local treatment based on fluoride action can be subdivided into domestic and professional application. The domestic means of fluoride treatment include toothpastes, gels and rinses that are appointed by dentist for the domestic use. The topical fluoride applications are applied in the dentist’s cabinet. It is a very useful and successful way to prevent tooth decay in children and help their enamel stand against the aggressive acid action. This service and many others for you children are available in Kids Dentistry Service in Brooklyn.


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