17, July 2017: With introduction of advanced machinery and aided by robust raw materials, the kind of end products manufactured globally has transformed in the past several decades. Industries are adopting new means and utilizing various resources for preparing products that not only meets the changing requirements but also increasing the efficiency. SMC or Shanghai Metal Corporation is one such unit that has been in the business of manufacturing robust metal products and building materials along with several other products and machinery. The products like rectangular steel tube, alloy steel tube, SSAW steel pipe, galvanized steel pipe, longitudinal welded pipe, cold formed steel section, carbon steel Oval/Elliptical Tube, Ductile Iron Pipe, clad steel pipe fittings, metal Corrugated Pipe, pipe clamp, etc. are all offered as a part of extensive range of steel pipes and tubes. 

The company offers these products in variable sizes and specifications that are capable of meeting international requirements of different products and industries. This includes tower foundation, tower crane, expressway safety guard, steel construction. Etc. For instance, the rectangular steel pipe bestows the features of being made from excellent equipment, highly accurate, better heat treatment, great quality backed by strong technology and development. Other products produced under this category include copper, stainless steel, special alloys and other metal products. 

The company is also well-established in production of a wide range of products for construction industry such as steel grating, storage racks, steel structure, steel bridges, etc. Additionally, the ISO standard containers, storage containers, equipment containers, insulated containers, etc. are also one of the popular offerings by the company. Over the past few decades the company has expanded its portfolio with added machinery, mechanical products, electrical systems and different types of medical accessories. 

All its products such as rectangular pipe under each of the sectors can be viewed from their online portal that features these products along with detailed descriptions and high quality images. The company also features illustrative videos of its production processes and unit as a part of media library. All these help the customer from any part of the planet to understand the kind of products or quality of services the company is capable of offering. Additionally, they are equipped to cater to custom needs and requirements when provided with specifications by the interested customers. They are presently associated with some reputed brands like ABB, Panasonic, Philips, Siemens, Sharp, Toshiba, etc. 

About Shanghai Metal Corporation: 

Shanghai Metal Corporation is an established manufacturing company that is involved in production of a variety of metals, containers, machinery, construction materials, etc. They have been operating since 1980 and have been working diligently to serve to a variety of industries and requirements. Additional details about the products and their applications can be checked from the online portal. 

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Company: Shanghai Metal Corporation
Phone: 8621-58309368

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