Monroeville, Pennsylvania; 20, June 2016: It is evident how people commonly experience frustration, depression, and the feeling of being trapped by life’s circumstances which cause them to believe that they cannot become successful in life. Some people genuinely want to have a new beginning and a makeover in mind, soul and spirit, others want to reach theirhighest potential. With a burning desire to help dispel these worrisome concerns and assist others in their spiritual journey, Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo, a son of God, prophet and minister of Jesus Christ founded and established Redemption Outcry International.

Prophet Yaw

Redemption Outcry International is a ministry of God offering transformational spiritual guidance and support through the revelation of the Holy Spirit. The spiritual practice of Prophet Yaw Yeboah Sarfo seeks to raise exemplary leaders, and will help people who are depressed and worried about the uncertainties of life.

“My mission is to raise excellent leaders, through spiritual coaching and other amazing programs tailored to meet the needs of my clients, stated Prophet Yaw. I am passionate about helping people who are depressed and worried about the uncertainties of life with my spiritual gifts.”

The spiritual transformational services of Redemption Outcry International include:

* Consultation: For individuals who needs quick and ready insights about things happening around them
* Healing: For the depressed, worried and frustrated people who needs healing or suspects someone working against them in the spirit realm
* Mentorship/ Coaching: To help people in their personal spiritual growth and development
* Dream Interpretation: To assist those who have difficulties in understanding their dreams

Prophet Yaw stated, “No matter where you come from – irrespective of your social status or race, I am spiritually equipped to help launch you into the deep, bringing about transformation, accelerating you in your divine purpose, helping you gain clarity and healing your soul.”

Individuals who desperately need spiritual healing, divine guidance, counseling, interpretations of dreams or a spiritual mentor can find help. Prophet Yaw will be offering anopportunity for a free one-time 30 minute spiritual consultation.

For more information about Redemption Outcry International, visit and to schedule an appointment with Prophet Yaw, visit

About Redemption Outcry International:

Redemption Outcry International is a spiritual practice and ministry of Prophet Yaw YeboahSarfo who is a son of God, prophet, and minister of Jesus Christ. As founder and President of the ministry, he has vast experience in spiritual counseling and consultation with individuals, groups, businesses, and organizations. Prophet Yaw was confirmed by God as a prophet through Apostle Dr. Winston Pitters on November 4, 2011, and he is passionate about assisting both men and women in recognizing the impediments affecting their spiritual life, growth and development. Besides being in the ministerial field, Prophet Yaw is an entrepreneur whose interest includes engineering and solar technology.

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