Los Angeles, CA, 04, June 2016: Even a child found guilty in a juvenile crime can be considered a serious offender and this may devastate his/her future life. Attorney Ronald Hedding believes that any juvenile offender should be rehabilitated and released back into the community to lead a normal life. This is the reason why he stresses upon handling Juvenile criminal cases with proficiency and strives to get an accused child the best justice he or she deserves. With his new video, he aims at educating parents and others to take juvenile crimes seriously and hire an experienced lawyer to pursue the case.

In his video, Attorney Ronald maintains that it is important for a parent to contact an experienced lawyer when a child is arrested for a juvenile crime in Los Angeles. In his over 25 years of practice, this Juvenile attorney in Los Angeles has seen several cases where parents failed to protect the legal rights of their children in the court. Taking a juvenile crime lightly could be a serious mistake and the young child may have to bear the price.

According to Attorney Ronald, the country’s juvenile system has the main goal to rehabilitate a child. If charges are not very serious, a child could be kept on probation with a family member. But if the lawyer fails to challenge the seriousness of the offense, the child could be sent to a probationary home, away from his/her family. This type of sentence could bring a risk of a child coming in contact with another juvenile criminal in the probationary home. Such kind of friendship may escalate the sense of crime among children and could prove detrimental to their future.

Attorney Ronald cites several other reasons in his video that advocates a child’s rehabilitation under the guidance of a family member. For this, parents must hire an experienced lawyer and can get tips and guidance by watching the video

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