Redondo Beach, CA, USA, 11, June 2016: Patients in Los Angeles willing to undergo a successful hair transplantation procedure can now contact that Dr. Philip Chao, who is an expert in hair transplantation, cosmetic surgery and aesthetic plastic surgery procedures. Dr. Chao offers a complete knowledge about the hair transplantation procedure, allowing patients to make decisions in an informed manner. At the same time, he offers free consultation to anyone willing to undergo hair transplantation under his expert hands.

Dr. Chao has undergone an extensive medical training and has years of experience to accomplish hair transplantation and cosmetic surgery procedures in a successful and safe manner. With his educational background spanning several prestigious medical schools and universities, such as Yale Medical School, University of Texas, American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery, patients can rest assured of getting the best treatment to witness transformative changes in their looks and appearance. Dr. Chao can bring unbelievable changes with his excellent hair transplant procedures, allowing a person to look smart and younger.

Today, hair fall is a common problem and many people lose their confidence because of a pre-mature hair fall and baldness. Dr. Chao’s hair transplantation could help a person to get a permanent solution of the hair fall and regain their confidence. One can read several encouraging Dr. Philip Chao reviews, where patients appreciate him for the outstanding hair transplantation or a cosmetic surgery job. There are many patients who have been benefitted from Dr. Chao’s expertise in the past several years.

With his free consultation, Dr. Chao aims at educating patients to remove all doubts and apprehension that people might have about the hair transplantation. An informed patient understands the benefits of the procedure and how it gives a permanent solution to overcome the problem of hair fall. Moreover, this is the best and an affordable hair restoration technique that a patient can get from a hair transplant expert in Los Angeles. To take advantage of the free consultation offered by Dr. Chao, one can visit the website

About Dr. Philip Chao

Dr. Philip Chao is a cosmetic & hair transplant surgeon with interests in cosmetic surgery, hair transplantation, and minimally invasive aesthetic plastic surgical procedures. He is highly focused and has specialized, extensive surgical training that includes 9 years of post graduate training after medical school and 18 total years of schooling and training after high school. He was educated and trained at such prestigious institutions as Yale, Cornell, and the University of California at Berkeley.

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