Isn’t it frustrating when you get a bad grade on an assignment you worked hard on? Students wrongly think that if the body of their essay is strong, the professor will ignore the minute mistakes and give them a good grade. Your essay needs to be free of any error to get the best grade. If you want to know how to write my essay, follow the guidelines given or hire writing services.



What are Cause and Effect Essays?

Just like any other essay, you have to write a catchy introduction, an explanatory body, and a satisfying conclusion. A cause and effect essay discusses an event in detail; focusing on the reasons and results. You need to carry out massive research on the topic before you begin because the essay should be detailed. You should write in chronological order for a better result.



  •   Introduction: Describe the event, provide some background, and hook the audience
  •   Body: Mention the major causes, a relation paragraph, and the major effects. If you think that the body lacks flair, ask a essay writing service to add the required details to it.
  •   Conclusion: Summarize the paper


6 Major Mistakes to Avoid


  1. Mentioning everything

Sometimes students know too much about the topic and try to cover all the points. They try to integrate more causes and effects than required which results in a messy essay. Lots of points are covered but details cannot be given due to the word limit. It would be better if you focus on a few key causes and effects and describe them in great detail.


  1. No relation

Many students simply write causes and effects but fail to relate them. Your essay shouldn’t be a bunch of facts written one after another. It would be wise if you discuss all the causes, then mention a relation paragraph, and finally a few paragraphs on effects. You should make sure that the essay is easy to read without interruptions.


  1. No plan

Another common mistake that students make due to laziness is that they don't plan their essays. You should carry out preliminary research and make rough notes before you move on to the final draft. If the topic is confusing, hire an online essay writer immediately and ask the service to write my essay and follow the guidelines. You need to provide them with all the available documents and instructions.


  1. No credibility

As a college student, you should know that your paper needs to be supported by facts. Your thesis statement and the body paragraphs can be your opinion but you need to justify it using scholarly sources. Many students simply write facts or opinions like a story and fail to provide evidence. Your essay will score high if you provide multiple examples for each claim made in the cause or effect paragraph.


  1. Not following the format/guidelines

This is common sense but countless students get bad grades because they have not thoroughly read the professor’s guidelines. You must extensively read the guidelines and make short notes about the important rules. Note down the font, font size, citation style, line spacing, and paragraph indentation. Follow the rules from the moment you start writing your final draft.


  1. Don’t submit directly

After you are done with your paper, proofread it. Use online software to check for errors in sentence structure, grammar, and spellings. Manually correct any errors and ask a friend or family member to read them. Generate a plagiarism report and if it is negligible, send your final draft to the professor.




Before writing your essay, you should brainstorm for ideas. It is better to write the topic details, the causes, and effects separately on a rough document. Don’t make the common mistake of wrong formatting because it will result in a bad grade, no matter how good the essay is. Consult essay writing services if you are facing difficulty in writing your essay.



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A persuasive essay is a type of essay which is written to convince a reader of a certain perspective. You to convince people with the art of your writing. Extraordinary skills are required to write such an essay. You need to be vigilant and experienced enough to write such an essay. The best way to make yourself good at writing is to practice more and more.


Being a student, it is not easy for you to manage everything at the same time. You will be asked to write assignments. You need two main things, the first is time and the second one is the expertise required to write that assignment. If you are already loaded with many other tasks, how is it possible for you to write a persuasive essay which requires specific techniques? At this stage of my career, it is not possible to bear a huge load of work.



Only an experienced writer can write the perfect persuasive paper. You must seek help from a writing service. I had the same kind of issue at the start, so I used to contact an essay writing service cheap service to help write my paper for me. I used to learn from their write-up; it helped me in improving my writing skills. Following are some tips to write the best persuasive paper.


Choosing aside

If you are to convince a reader of a certain perspective, the first thing you need is a perspective. You have to take a side on a specific topic, and then you have to prove that side by providing quality arguments in your writing.


Organize your essay

When you are writing a persuasive paper, the ideas and knowledge you have are always random. You just need to organize your thoughts in order to make them more effective. The best way to do it is to draft an outline for your work. An outline makes your work easy in the final draft. An ideal organization of your essay is in three steps. First, the introduction, which must contain some hook statements to attract the attention of your reader. The second thing is the body of your essay; fill your body with strong arguments that could help you in persuasion.


Know the audience

You must consider the perceptions of the readers you are writing for and then counter that perspective with your own using strong evidence. Writing is a medium for communication, and just like speaking, it also contains some tips and tricks to be effective.


Quality research

Your arguments will not have any worth until or unless they are backed by quality research work. The sources you are using in your research must be backed by peer-reviewed articles. It will increase the overall quality of your research work. A professional writer can do this job very easily. I always contacted a professional essay writing service at the start to write my essay. With that write up it became easy for me to learn how and what kind of research works are used as a source.


Persuade with passion

Whatever you do, if you are not pursuing your passion, it will lose its worth. Always try to work hard and complete your work with a passion so that you don’t have any regret in the end. It is great when your passion gets mixed with the research of your interest.


The aforementioned steps will help you write the best essay, and you can get good grades as a result. It is advisable to not any risk at the start and seeks help from a senior writer. You just need to practice daily, and after some time, you will see an improvement in your writing.


You can simply ask the best essay writing service in usa if you need more help. 



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