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An Outlook Into Laravel, Rails & Django

There are three major application frameworks: Laravel, Rails, and Django. All of them are full-stack frameworks containing all the vital features to build a web application. Though, each has its own unique characteristics, structure and programming language. Reach out to learn more about the software development companies in NYC for the various ways to improve or build the quality of projects and across your company.


Laravel is a web-based framework created in PHP. It is free and an open source created by Taylor Otwell, in which applications are built in the MVC pattern. The Model-View-Controller architectural pattern helps to deploy spectacular Laravel applications. As developers who use this framework say, it follows a “batteries included” philosophy, to receive anything they desire “out of the box”. This amazing framework can help to build any type of website, from the simple CMS to new sites, social networking sites, etc.

Though the Laravel framework is developing at a steady pace; there is a lot of progress required to be at par with Django app development. Being regularly active and providing useful information about the updates is an essential part to be incorporated.


Since PHP is well-known, and Laravel is steadily gaining popularity as the defacto framework for web apps in PHP and being cost-efficient. The bonus point for Laravel is that it helps to create large applications at much lesser costs as compared to Django or Rails.


Rails development is an incredible framework for startups. It has everything to build a marvelous application and the potential to grow and manage more user requests per minute in the future. There are big names that used Ruby on Rails application to build like GitHub, Airbnb, SoundCloud, Shopify, Zendesk and Square to name a few; but there are thousands of application built with this framework since its release in 2004.

Ruby on Rails web development is an open source software which is not only free to use but you can also give suggestions to make it better. Rails have the most active community and there are more than 4500+ users who have contributed to making it better.


In terms of developer cost, when a project is too big or complex; Rails is not expensive or tough option to go with but neither is it inexpensive.


This is a high-level Python web framework that enhances rapid development and immaculate, logical design. It has an enormous collection of modules that makes development super easier. They are grouped together and allow to create applications or websites from an existing source, instead of initiating from scratch. It is built by experienced developers which are free and open source. Django web development is extremely fast, secure and helps developers to avoid many common security errors. Some of the top sites that are built with the Django framework are Disqus, Bitbucket, Instagram, Mozilla Firefox, Pinterest and various others.


As compared to the other two, the Django framework is comparatively the most expensive.

All the three frameworks Laravel, Rails and Django have tools to create extraordinary work. Whether it’s the platform for entrepreneurship, technology, education, business or simply learning. 


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