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Chenin Blanc is a versatile and underappreciated white wine grape. It is used to make a wide variety of white wine in different styles, from bone-dry to lusciously sweet, as well as some of the world’s most long-lived white wine bottles. When you want to buy white wine online for a present to beginner wine drinkers or experienced oenophiles alike, consider Chenin Blanc as an ideal white wine grape variety.

This guide will teach you everything you need to know about Chenin Blanc before you order white wine online, from its origins to the different wine styles it produces. You will also learn about different Chenin Blanc styles and some of the best examples. So, whether you are looking to buy white wine online or order it in a restaurant, this guide will give you all the information you need.

Chenin Blanc is a popular choice among New World winemakers and is one of the best-selling white wines online. But in South Africa, Chenin Blanc has truly made its mark; having eclipsed France as the top producer of the variety, it is now the most widely cultivated grape variety in this region.

The grape is relatively easy to grow and produces high yields, which has made it a popular choice for mass-produced white wine. However, Chenin Blanc can also produce high-quality white wine bottles that are complex and age worthy. This is an early-blooming variety and prone to frost damage in cooler climates as the fruits tend to ripen at a later date, that’s why it’s not easy to grow it either and good examples could be pricey even if you want to order wine.

Chenin Blanc white wine bottles vary from extremely dry and sparkling to very sweet, which is achieved by employing a variety of winemaking techniques, such as barrel maturation, stainless steel fermentation, and extended lees contact. Chenin Blanc displays an invigorating brightness when dry, characterized by notes of citrus, orchard fruits, and a subtle undercurrent of minerals. Usually, an attractive tartness compliments the combination to create a memorable palate.

Chenin Blanc is known for its crisp, dry taste and versatile nature. It has a fresh, fruity flavor and when you want to order white wine online, consider its slight sweetness for food pairing. However, it can be enjoyed on its own or paired with many foods.

Chenin Blanc is a great value wine, so it's a great choice if you're looking to buy white wine online. That’s why we found some of the best value examples of white wine bottles of it.

Dane Cellars Buddha's Dharma Vineyard Chenin Blanc

This bone-dry and unfiltered white wine bottle has very classic and common Chenin Blanc aromas. It comes from dry-farmed vines which are more than 60 years old, which is uncommon to find even if you want to buy white wine online. It expresses flowers, green apples, and minerals with some caramel qualities. The wine spends a short time in neutral oak, proving a soft texture on the mid-palate, the wine keeps a steely crispness, cleanly transferring the vineyard to the glass.

Foxen Ernesto Wickenden Vineyard Old Vines Chenin Blanc

Since 1985, Foxen Winery has proudly produced its white wines in northern Santa Barbara County, adhering to a minimalist style and maintaining limited production. If you want to buy white wine online, you can easily find this winery’s other white wine bottles.

The grapes that make up this white wine bottle have been growing on vines for over 40 years. With a medium body and crisp flavor, this white wine has intense aromas of herbs, white flowers, chalk, apples, and pears. The complexity is the result of aging on sur lie for seven months before it was transferred to neutral French oak barrels where it was left to mature for four more months.

Dashe Les Enfants Terribles "Concrete Cuvee" Chenin Blanc

This white wine bottle is from the Clarksburg appellation just to the southwest of Sacramento, where have cool breezes from the San Francisco Bay. The grapes are fermented in concrete egg-shaped fermenters with natural yeast and aged for a few months on the lees.

This white wine is left unoaked and opens with delectable scents of apple, luscious stone fruit, and a pinch of spice. Its rich texture and zesty acidity combine to create a vibrant flavor profile that ends with a long and spicy finish.

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