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Camilla Bradley

Oscar Wilde once said, “Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.”

In successful designer Camilla Bradley’s opinion, that statement is entirely true. Although she is a native New Yorker, Bradley’s name is one recognized in the realm of design across the United States. Her influential clothing company, CK Bradley, was launched in 1999 and produces fashionable accessories and apparel for women of all ages. You’ve probably seen some of her colorful creations adorning racks in tasteful boutiques or advertised online.

“Fashion is constantly evolving, changing everything from hemlines to pleats,” Bradley said. “I’m not really interested in that aspect, though. I’m constantly turning to vintage designs and flea markets for ideas. Half of the time, I’m so ahead of the curve in fashion that people think I’m crazy, but then my ideas become popular within a few years.”

The company took a brief hiatus beginning in 2010, but now, CK Bradley is back and ready to promote inspiration and quality fashion across the states once again.

When designer and company founder Camilla was just two years old, her mother passed away and bequeathed her young daughter with a vast array of fancy ballgowns, couture outfits, and fashion from another century.

“I don’t think I called it fashion, but I was always surrounded by incredible clothes left behind by my mother, so I was educated at an early age,” Bradley said. “Now, I still don’t know that I would say that I work in fashion. It’s really design: I’m interested in making architecture for the body, and I still turn to a warehouse full of my mother’s wardrobe for ideas. I want to make clothing that inspires and flatters, not constricts.”

Bradley is looking forward to returning to the company’s original roots, which lie in dress designing. She enjoys creating casual but cute ensembles like the Malaya Dress, as well as nautical outfits that are perfect for any brunch date, like the Belles Reef Shirtdress. Bradley’s passion for dresses and designing is clearly visible in the bright colors she uses and her unique creations.

For about two years during  CK Bradley’s break, Bradley branched out and designed vintage ski apparel for women. Though she enjoyed the experience, she’s ready to embrace CK Bradley’s origins. She has partnered with her longtime friend and former CK Bradley Director of Operations, Genevieve Rozansky, to breathe life back into the brand.

“During my hiatus, I got married and had two children,” Bradley said. “I was really getting my family in order and trying something new. Now, I want to design again.”

Even though the company is returning to many of its original goals, Bradley envisions many great achievements for the brand in the future. According to her, the company has potential to grow and influence others on a much larger scale.

“My dream is to create a family-run inspirational brand,” Bradley said. “I believe that the possibilities of what a brand can do to inspire and change the lives of people has yet to be capped. I’m not into fashion, I’m into inspiring people. I just happen to do it through clothes.”

Bradley started her company while she was still in college, and she has continued to pursue her dreams of designing ever since. Even as she became a mother to two small boys, her company continued to succeed.

“Don’t let people tell you what you should do,” Bradley advises other hopeful entrepreneurs. “No matter how far out that idea is, do what you think you should do. Passion is untouchable, and when you’re passionate, it has no chance to do anything but succeed.”

To view some of CK Bradley’s designs and to shop the brand, or to learn more about Bradley’s journey, you can visit the website.



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