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If you desire to have the best means of transportation then it is obvious that you need to select the best Hempstead cab. As you desire so, you cannot avoid us at Dawson Cab. We have been making available the best services from our very inception since 1924.

The qualities that make us different

There are many such transport organizations offering cab services. We stand apart in offering the best of Hempstead taxi as you can understand as you read on.


Hailing a cab: You would not be like other passengers, who want to have a cab. You do not need to yell or raise your arm to have a ride in our Hempstead cab. You can book the cab and we will be happy to offer you a door-to-door or street pick up as you wish.

Efficient drivers: The drivers driving our Hempstead cab are aware about the traffic conditions and as you detail your destination, they would take the route that will take you there in the shortest possible time. Furthermore, they are courteous and will be a friend of yours within that short time span.

Ease of payment: It is quite easy to make the payment of Hempstead cab. To make the ride more affordable you can use the coupons that we make available.

Stress-free and comfortable ride: You can expect to have a stress-free and comfortable ride in our Hempstead cab. We have an amazing fleet of vehicles, which can fit your group comfortably, and being driven by the most experienced driver you can have a stress-free ride.


We provide trustworthy and reliable taxi service. Since 1924, we have providing Long Island and the surrounding areas prompt airport service and local and long distance transportation. So to have the best of cab services in Hempstead you need to call us at Dawson Cab dialing 1-516-223-2400.

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About Hempstead in Brief – History and Things to Do

Incorporated on May 6, 1853, Hempstead is town in Nassau County was named after the English town of Hemel Hempstead. If you wish spend some quality time with nature nearby Nassau- Suffolk Metropolitan area then Hempstead is the best choice for you. There is the Brierley Park, Campbell Park, and the Kennedy Memorial Park where you can enjoy relaxing and learning about the history of Hempstead.

At Jones Beach State Park you can swim in the ocean, stroll the boardwalk, fish, visit an historic exhibit, get a bite to eat at one of the many concession stands, play miniature golf, shuffleboard and basketball, attend concerts at North well Health Theater, learn about the marine environment at the Jones Beach Nature Center, go for pool swimming, sunbathing, bicycling, surfing, and visit the playgrounds.


Also there is the Bay Park Golf Course which is an ideal destination for the golfers, and if you are with your kids then there are the Adventure land Amusement Park, Bronx Zoo, Brooklyn Children’s Museum and the Children’s Museum of Manhattan where you along with your kids cab have a great time! Another popular spot within Hempstead is the Floating Pool at Brooklyn Bridge Park Beach where you can explore the vibrant vistas, rich ecology, and expansive piers of this special waterfront park.

Transportation in Hempstead

You can reach Hempstead by landing at the John F. Kennedy International airport and from there you can hire a Hempstead cab you can reach Hempstead easily. But for a better experience you must hire Hempstead cab from a renowned transportation service provider such as Dawson Taxi as you will get a professional service starting from pick up from the airport to drop off at your destination hotel/lodge. Also, it will make your transportation in Hempstead hassle free and convenient. And by hiring Hempstead taxi from genuine and authentic service provider will let you explore the town in a great way.



To have a great travel experience in Hempstead, hiring Hempstead cab from a reputed and authentic Hempstead taxi service such as Dawson Taxi is highly recommended.

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Vacation season is approaching. You may have finished your preparation for the vacation. If you have chosen Jamaica as your next vacation destination, it is good to know that, you are going to land at Montego Bay airport.

If you have already chosen a tour operator for accompanying you in your tour, then ask him for luxury and better travel option. As you are at a foreign land, you shouldn’t waste your time on researching the transportation options available from airport to your destination. Therefore, it will be smart to choose well reputed private transfer service.

Choose the soothing airport transfers in Montego Bay

Montego Bay airport receives millions of travelers annually from different countries in the world. But, while vacation season starts, its traffic gets increased. This is the reason; you should hire the best private airport transfers in Montego Bay well before your arrival.

Private Airport Transfers in Montego Bay

In order to choose the best transport company for your need, you should start taking with the travel agents or can easily locate them through internet. Spot the company who has well reputation and always stand by its own commitment. Here are some features to get from such iconic companies.

Hassle-free transportation service

When you are at foreign land, you’ll feel lonely. It is likely, you may not get any reliable person to contact who can resolve your entire issues. While you are waiting for hiring cab outside the airport it is truly deplorable experience.

If you are going to choose your can in that way, you have to waste more time to make that deal done. Plus, the can you have chosen, it may not meet all your need as far as price and logistics are concerned. These are the main reasons for which your should choose the right tour operator who can make you available your required vehicle.

Apart from them, if you want to customize your travel plan, these tour operators can make that according to your need. There are a number of things to enjoy in Jamaica and only preplan travel options can’t fulfill your desire to enjoy them, this is the reason, customize travel plans are best to opt for.

There are a number of transport companies you can opt them to avail this service. Before finalizing the deal, you should research thoroughly. When you choose good Private Airport Transfers in Montego Bay, it will fill your trip with pleasure and satisfaction.

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Rockville Centre in New York is the largest and busiest city with world’s major traveling and financial hubs in the USA. Getting into and moving around such a bustling city can be stressful, especially for the business and leisure travelers. No need to wait for long and waste time for your ground transportation! Taxi Service in Rockville Centre is designed to meet a range of requirements for different people and different travel choice. A Rockville Centre Taxi service picks up should be a vital part of any trip to or from your home or airport or hotels. Here are the reasons why:
Know the City
Whether you will be in New York City for a few days on a business trip or moving to the Rockville Centre, it’s important that you must know something more about the city, its lifestyle, its environment and also the attractive place in it. Your city tour or layover can be easily taken care of by a Taxi to Rockville Centre. A Rockville Centre Taxi Service will give you all-access approaching into everything you want to know about the Rockville Centre and nearby areas. The driver knows the ins and outs and every corner of the city and can point out landmarks, restaurants and exciting areas around town you may want to visit.
Impressing clients
Taxi Rockville Centre
Making connections with clients is all about the impressions that you want to make.  As a business owner, you must understand the first impression can prove to be a great turn out and lavished Rockville Centre Taxi service is the key to it. Taxi service in Rockville Centre will make sure you and your prospect client feel welcome in a luxury style. Your client might feel as you appreciate them as a fruitful person and a business partner.
Feel safe at night
If you are preparing for a trip at night, you might have a tough time to drive safely. Driving sleepy can be just unsafe!  Furthermore, if you are new to the city, you may be troubled to find your way around the city.  The same thing is applicable if any guest comes to you.  Whatever may be the situation you and your friends will stay safe with 24/7 service from Rockville Centre Taxi service.  Regardless of any situations, Rockville Centre Taxi Service sticks on to the highest safety standards to keep you safe throughout your journey.
Best service
Rockville Centre Taxi is designed to make your journey as smooth as possible, no matter how or when you may be traveling. Your driver will be there to pick you, happy to help you with your luggage at the airport or hotels and answer any questions you may have about your journey. You’ll get the privacy and also an opportunity to relax after a long flight or can be get prepared for an important meeting.
Dawson is a local Taxi Service company earned a reputation as one of the finest and reliable taxi service provider in Rockville Centre, New York City. If you are visiting New York City and concerned about your transfer options, it’s time to book the best Rockville Centre Cab Service with Dawson.  We know the importance of time for a business executive thus providing superior standard ground transportation, door-to-door Service, street pickups, airport transfers, City tours and much more. For more information about our services, please visit our website at Dawson Taxi Service today!

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In cities, people mainly prefer two options to travel. One is public transport and second one is hiring cabs. You may experience about a number of taxis and their drivers are busy on negotiating deals the people and insisting you to hire their taxi. When you don’t know about their credibility and how much reliable they are, you generally depend on the cost factor to make your decisions. Most of the time, depending on cost proves as the wrong decision. 


This is because, low cost vehicles are not much superior and most of the time they fail to meet your travel need. In order to avail the taxi Rockville Center, you have to consider a number of factors those will help you to pick up the right taxi service.


Maximum New York residents come to Rockville in order to spend a quality time. This village the point of attraction for Hempstead Lake State Park, Tanglewood Preserve, The Philips House, Harold Walker Memorial Park and many other visit worthy places. This is the reason; it receives thousands of travelers in daily basis. If they won’t choose the best taxi service, their trip will flop. Here are some vital tips to choose the perfect taxi service taxi.


Check its background


It is important to know a taxi company’s background before hiring it. You can ask other people about its track record. If you found any negative comment, it is not wise to hire such type of taxi service. Some of them may try to lure you with their cheaper price, but stay away from such taxi service providers. They are not certainly worthy to be hired.


Flexibility of operation


When you are on a need to travel different places in the city, it is hard to say how much time you’ll spend there and what is your returning time. Some cab service providers cap their operation hours. After their operation hour, they won’t respond. In such circumstances, it is not wise to choose them. For instance, you are attending a party and it is midnight to return, now time to look for the taxi you have already hired. On the off chance, if the cab service provider has limited its operation hour to 11PM, it won’t respond your call. In this condition, you should choose a cab service who has flexible operation hours.


Reviews from the previous clients


Internet is the perfect medium to know about a Rockville Centre taxi service. Internet is the right and unbiased platform where you will get reviews about the cab service you are going to hire for. Here you’ll find the reviews from the previous customers. Most of the important features to check are reliability, punctuality of drivers, safety features and how this service is courteous.


You should opt a cab company who has satisfied its customers and enjoys the good will from the users. Reviews on internet are the best source to know about this. To gather perfect information, check out different sites because, it is highly possible that, reviews from one site may be biased.




You can’t certainly underestimate or sacrifice cost despite all these things. It is true that, cost factor in not more important than your safety. You shouldn’t devote yourself with the low cost promotional offers those mainly float by various cab companies those don’t have proper reputation in the market. You shouldn’t believe such advertisements in which these services make tall claims about the low price. You should rather trust on your data what you have found from your research.


A good cab company will fulfill your needs and choosing them is tricky. Never hesitate to avail their service those have a fishy background. Be aware about these things and make your decision perfectly.

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You may be in Rockville and having the requirement to travel to Baldwin, North Baldwin, Freeport, Roosevelt, Hempstead, Oceanside New York, Uniondale or to any Nassau County and the surrounding areas. There are two options open for you as the means of transportation. One is to commute on your own and the other is to have Rockville Centre Taxi Service from us.


You may be now thinking that it would be better to commute on your own but after reading through you will definitely select the next option. You will be astonished when you learn about the reasons why you must have our service to travel to Oceanside New York. Let us have a look at some of those:


The experience that we have


We have been in this business of offering comfortable journey since 1924. This long year of existence has not made us old fashioned but helped us to make our service more modern and comfortable.


If you wish to have Rockville Centre Taxi Service from us you can call us but if you wish you can also text us making us aware about the pick-up address, destination address, number of passengers and any other information that you need to share. You can expect to have our comfortable and well-maintained cab driven by the professional driver to be at your service within a short time span. 


The affordability that can be had


It is for sure that you will be able to travel within your budget. Wherever you want to go, be it for shopping, a restaurant, hospital, the airport or any other destination in Oceanside New York for any purpose you can have our service at a fixed rate and the driver will not be charging anything extra from you. 


To make our services more affordable we even offer daily coupons which you can avail to make your ride more affordable. 


Save your valuable time


We respect the value of your time. That is the very reason we arrive at your pick-up address within the shortest possible time span after you have booked our Rockville Centre Taxi Service. You do not have to wait long or to tackle unwilling cab drivers to take you to your destination. Our professional drivers having the best sense of traffic and road direction will make you reach your destination as quick as possible. 


The flexibility that can be enjoyed


We are the one who has the ability to customize our Rockville Centre Taxi Service according to your desire. As you make us know your desire and travel needs we customize our service accordingly and make you reach your destination on your choice of time.


If you wish to have such nature of Rockville Centre Taxi Service then you need to be with Dawson Taxi Service. We are the favored option for many when there is a need for a quick trip to and from Roosevelt. Our taxi services in Roosevelt are well worth it both in terms of comfort and affordability. For immediate availability, get in touch with us at +1 516 223 2400.

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You may have owned a vehicle or not, there is always a possibility that you must need an Oceanside taxi service for the better flexibility of your journey. You just not need a simple taxi or cab service but an Oceanside Taxi is known for greater safety and reliability that can take you to important venues, and the airport.  If you want to know about the reasons why you must have a reliable Oceanside Cab or taxi service for your successful travel in Oceanside New York! Let us have a look at some of those:


The experience


Reputed and reliable Oceanside Taxi Service providers are in the ground transport business for very long. This long duration of existence will not only made them expert but helped them to make their Oceanside Taxi service more luxurious, modern and comfortable.  You can take pleasure from the comfortable and well-maintained Oceanside Taxi or cab driven service simple with a phone call.




With a reputed Oceanside Taxi or cab service provider you must be sure that you will be able to travel within your budget. If you want to go to the airport or for shopping or restaurants or hospital or any other destination in Oceanside New York, rest assured to get the affordability or a fixed rate as agreed. The drivers will not charge anything extra or any hidden cost from you. Special discount, daily coupons for regular commuters will also make your wallet as well as ride more affordable and happy.


Save the valuable time


Time is precious not only to the clients but also to the Oceanside Taxi Service providers too. A trustworthy Oceanside Taxi Service will help you to reach wherever you want to be on time. The taxi or cab service providers respect the value of your time. That is why they offer 24x7 services every day and year. With a simple call, they arrive at your pick-up address. The Oceanside Taxi Service will never let you wait for long and reach to you within no time.  With the best sense of traffic and road directions, professional drivers take you to your destination as quick as possible!




Road constructions, traffic delays are big stress that must be avoided to give a quality Oceanside Taxi Service. Professional taxi or cab service provider have dedicated team that help to achieve the best tracking or driving patterns or decide the most efficient route to be preferred to reach any destination quickly and efficiently.




If you have a desire of hiring Oceanside Cab or Oceanside Taxi service e then you need to be with Dawson Taxi Service.  With our Cab or Taxi service you can get to your destination safely, securely and on time we are presumed to be the preferential option for many when there is a need for a quick trip to and from Oceanside New York. Our taxi services are well worthy of your journey both in terms of comfort and affordability. For booking or queries, get in touch with us at +1- 516- 223- 2400 today!

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Seniors most often find it difficult to drive the car to make a visit to the doctor’s clinic or other non-emergency medical appointments. Missing a key appointment with the doctor is not good for a senior. Are you finding it difficult to take your Mom, Dad, Grandpa or Grandma for a doctor’s appointment because of your busy work schedule in Freeport? In this case, you can rely on a dependable Freeport taxi or any other transportation options.

Here is the list of different ways of achieving a reliable senior transportation for a doctor’s appointment!

  1. Book a Taxi:

Booking a classic yellow cab or taxi service in Freeport will prove to be one of the best ways to enjoy a senior transportation for a doctor’s appointment. The professional taxi drivers are knowledgeable and courteous in handling the transportation for the elderly. By booking a taxi service in Freeport for the senior’s nonemergency medical transportation provides a great sense of freedom and well-being. Compared to public transportation, a taxi service ensures door-to-door transportation, which proves great for a senior.


  1. Medical Car:

Medical car is one of the senior transportation options to visit the doctor. This type of transportation option is good for seniors who have mobility but need assistance (or instance a senior who walks with a walker or cane). A medical car transportation option helps the senior to travel with a trained medical professional who will accompany them and respond in an appropriate way.

  1. Wheelchair Van:

If a senior is confined to a chair, then getting wheelchair van is the perfect solution. In this type of senior transportation, one or two vehicle attendants will arrive and assist the person in getting into the vehicle. This mode of transportation offers an extra sense of peace of mind and security.

  1. Home Health Aide:

Have you hired a home health aide to assist your Grandma and Grandpa in Freeport? Then you can rely on the aide to drive them to and from the doctor’s appointment. With a home health aide, the senior will have a companion by their side while visiting the doctor.

These days, most of the people are hiring Freeport taxi service from Dawson Taxi Service to transport the seniors or near and dear loved ones for a doctor’s visit. A reliable taxi service provider- Dawson Taxi Service offers radio dispatched taxis and provides professional taxi drivers to ensure a safe, convenient and on time transportation for a doctor’s appointment. We deal with door-to-door transportation for senior citizens. We are here to provide you reliable taxi service at an affordable price.

We are available 24/7! To book online, please click this url:!

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There are handful reasons why you need to hire taxi services in Roosevelt. That’s why a lot of people are facing problems; when it comes to using a taxi service. In this post, you will know why you need to use a cab service in Roosevelt instead of commuting on your own. Go through this post and know when do you hire a taxi for your travel in Roosevelt:

Why Do You Book Roosevelt Taxi Services –  
1. Travel Around Like a Free Bird –

One of the key reasons why you should utilize a Roosevelt cab service instead of commuting on your own is because it will be much easier for you to travel around the city. This means, you don’t need to waste your valuable time in knowing the routes to take in order to reach your destination on-time. If you are able to find a reputable Roosevelt cab service, you don’t need to worry about anything as the driver will take you to your destination right away!

2. Cost Effective –

Another reason that you can get from a trusted cab service is that it will be affordable. Taxi companies provide transportation services at a fixed price and the driver won’t charge you extra fees after that. This implies, if you book a reputable Roosevelt cab service, you won’t need to spend more than what the company will charge. It will make your travel a lot easier as you don’t need to worry about any additional expense once booked the service.

3. Time Saving –

The last reason why you need to hire taxi service is due to the fact that you will be able to save a lot of valuable time. If you will book with reliable Roosevelt taxi services, you don’t need to wait for long to find the vehicle to take you to the destination as soon as possible!

These are some reasons why you rely on a taxi service, when you are in Roosevelt. Though there are a lot of benefits of hiring one, still it’s up to you whether you’ll be hiring or choosing other options.

Conclusion –

Dawson Taxi is the favored option for both the first time and repeat visitors to Roosevelt. Whenever there is the need for a quick trip to and from Roosevelt, our taxi services in Roosevelt are well worth it both in terms of comfort and panache. Rest assured that, our well-maintained taxis will leave a positive and lasting memory! We are available round the clock to serve you! Our taxi services include 24 hour delivery, house pickup, wakeup service, immediate or advance calls, door to door service and street pickup for your convenience. So if you need immediate help regarding taxi transfer services, reach us online or feel free to call us anytime at 1-516-223-2400!

For your Roosevelt transfer needs, get in touch with Roosevelt cab service at Dawson Taxi today to reach you as soon as possible!

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Everybody these days like to have a Hempstead taxi service as it is the most convenient and affordable means of transportation available today. However, not all the taxi services in Hempstead provide you convenient services as you think and you may end up with some horrible experiences you have rented an unprofessional service.

Here in this post I will talk about some signs of a poor Hempstead cab service that hopefully help you find a smooth & non-stressful ride all the way. So, let’s check out the signs;

Awful maintenance of cab:

Cabs should always be in great working condition as cab itself is needed for offering service to people like you. Whether it’s your taxi’s interior or exterior, each aspect of it should be in top form. Daily inspection and maintenance should be accomplished to make sure the vehicle is absolutely ready for a safe journey.

Lack of technology:

No surprise that advanced technology had made things a lot smoother & faster. A professional cab service supplier should have all the advanced technologies. From online bookings to GPS tracking, any Hempstead taxi service provider must provide all these amenities to their clients.

Ensure to verify if the taxi service has e-mail confirmation facility or not. Simply look for another transportation option, if your current cab service doesn’t meet such criteria.

Immoral drivers:

Safety is one of the most essential responsibilities of taxi drivers for offering a safe journey to their customers. A professional taxi firm must have drivers that serve all the transportation requirements of their clients. Drivers must possess appropriate driving skills, experience and passion for offering quality service to the clients.

Lack of reliable affiliates:

A recognized taxi unit should have many associates. In case, the service you’re seeking isn’t accessible in their firm, they suggest their associates. If an organization is reluctant regarding offering you with references, it’s smart to look for another Hempstead cab service.

Non-flexible payment alternatives:

Flexible payment should be a vital part of any professional taxi facility. Travelers should have the freedom to make payment via credit card, debit card or even net banking. Please look somewhere else if your current taxi service doesn’t offer such flexibilities.

Lack of popper customer attention:

Professional taxi services will always take care of each and every detail of their clients to ensure a safe and comfortable ride. If your taxi service is not amongst those, then it is absolutely unnecessary to stick with it.

Contact Dawson Taxi if you are in search of Hempstead Cab Service that is convenient and affordable. We are covering the entire Hempstead and all nearby areas. Some of our special services include door-to-door service, street pick-up, wake-up service, and more. For any further query please find us on 1-516-223-0036.

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