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NJ Garage Clean Outs

Nothing feels better than a nice clean garage and that is why we want to help you get yours clear of any junk that is stopping you from using it! Garage junk is the number one place for unwanted junk to fill up. Don't let it get out of hand let us help you get rid of it in a environmentally friendly way! We offer free no obligation on site estimates so if you are just shopping around that's no problem at all! We also offer free online video estimates which makes everything easy, and lets us give you a very accurate estimate. Let us help you with your garage clean up!

We offer affordable NJ garage clean out services with A+ customer service! Let us help you today!

Get your NJ Garage Clean Out now! 

East Coast Junk Removal - NJ is an amazing junk removal service near you! We provide garage clean outs as well as many other services. We always strive to keep the customer happy and customer service means everything to us. We are a small family owned company so we are able to keep our overhead low and that means we are able to provide the best and most affordable prices to you!

Garage Clean out Tips

If you are struggling to find a garage clean out service near you here are some awesome clean out tips to help you try to do the job yourself! 

1. Take EVERYTHING out!
Like with most cleaning projects the easiest way to clean is move things around. Garage floors can get really dirty and so can a lot of the stuff that is inside so its always a good idea to empty it out and give it a good clean. Its a great way to start the project and guarantees that you will end the project!

2.Do not be afraid to get rid of stuff.
Its ok to get rid of stuff, its ok to throw stuff out (thought we do always suggest recycling or donating first!) If you haven't used it in the past year get rid of it!! Chances are you probably won't ever use it again so its time to say good bye!

3. Label, label, label!
When putting all your junk back make sure you label it! This way the next time you are looking for something it will be way easier to find!

4. Most of all HAVE FUN!
East Coast Junk Removal always reminds their customers to have fun during projects. Junk removal, garage clean outs and any type of housework and home improvement can seem stressful but when you think of the beautiful outcome and the junk free garage you will soon have that will put you in the mood to get going!

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