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As a homeowner, the security of the family members is your priority. If so, then buy Invisible Grille Singapore from Elelaurels. It is the leading company that provides Invisible grille to their respected clients as per their preference and budget. Its main motive is to provide security to the people who dwell in residential buildings with their family members.

These days various exclusive styles of Invisible grille available, which brings nice looks to your exterior places. You can install an Invisible grille every area positioned on high, including the staircase, casement, open view balconies, laundry area, swimming pool safety rails, air conditioner ledges, and even compound fencing. It provides safety to the peoples who install it on their windows and Balcony as a plus point.

Invisible grille Features of Elelaurels includes:

  1. High-quality materials used to manufacture Invisible grille, ensuring optimal safety for your family members and pets. 
  2. An invisible grille made up of stainless steel. 
  3. Its Invisible grille is designed with the modern & beautiful designs which adding beauty to your home.
  4. It has certified and experienced installers & salespeople with over eight years of experience in this industry.
  5. Its Invisible grille prices are affordable. 
  6. After installation of the Invisible grille to your Balcony and windows, the company will give 5 Years warranty. 

Elelaurels guaranteed that its Invisible Window Grille enhances the presence of your windows and Balcony. It provides two types of Invisible grille, which names fixed and Openable invisible grille. The thin cables that allow the Invisible grille an almost transparent look that naturally camouflages in the background make the Invisible grille of the company. 

There are varieties of installation options available for the different needs of the homeowners to install. The Invisible grille can install with various gap widths, 2 inches for homes with pets, and 3 to 4 inches for households with young children. For safety and security, it is not suggested to go beyond a 4-inch gap. You have an option to choose and arrange the wires vertically or horizontally. 

This year, buy Invisible grille from Elelaurels to change the overall presence of your exterior part of the home. We are the leading supplier of the doors and windows grilles for our respected clients, and not only this, but we also do the free installation service as well. Our professional team members go to your location to do the job with a priority of customer satisfaction. We make sure that our clients get the quality installation that makes your home comfortable and beautiful at the same time.