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Persuasive essays are one of the most common academic essays. You have no doubt written and submitted many until now. Persuading someone on a point sounds like a task made for ego-driven humans. Even if we lack technique and credibility, we still maintain that we can form a persuasive argument based on our personal beliefs. How hard can it be to explain our own beliefs?

Persuasive writing is much more than passionately believing in a vision, idea, or method. Emotions can not drive an essay on their own, logical arguments and examples. However, feel free to ask for help from a free essay writer. It will promptly help you in writing a perfect essay.

Know Your Audience

Before starting to write your essay it is best to survey the audience and get information about them. This is more important for the argumentative and persuasive types of academic writing. 

The writer should know the biases of the audience, the prevalent attitude on the topic, and the language that they consume. Whether you gather this information from several online forums and sites to your own survey or observation.

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This way you will know the prospective readers’ familiarity with the topic and its ideas. It will help you decide which examples to use and the level of writing that you should produce.


Prewriting techniques vary and one can use any of the techniques and find it useful. As much as you want to get on with the writing you should stop to do some prewriting.

Mind Maps and Listing are two of the most used prewriting techniques. For persuasive essays, both have their benefits. Mind Maps allow the reader to see the relationships within each part and subparts of the main topic while Listing provides you with an overall structure for your essay. Both will give an overview of the examples and the arguments that you have at your disposal. With enough brainstorming, you can always expand upon the content.


Ethos is the aspect of credibility that your writing has. The writing becomes worthy of paying attention to if it demonstrates authority over the subject at hand. You yourself don’t have to be an established authority over the subject, but you can involve ideas and opinions of those who are.

Thorough research into the subject will allow you to do this. The more relevant authority that you will garner with your write essay for me. The more credible it will become your essay will develop ethos.


Pathos is evoking and appealing to the reader’s emotions. Knowing what they think and about their biases is a good way to start. You can use this technique while you explain the argument or while you present your examples. Your main points should bring forth strong feelings such as those of sympathy, shock, and disgust.


Lastly, the content that you present in the essay typer should have a logical flow. A good prewriting and structuring will help you with placing your ideas to allow for a good flow of logic. The logical accuracy for your arguments will be as good as your ideas. Try not to force a logical connection when there isn’t any. You will lose your readers’ interest when they stumble upon your logical fallacies. 


One of the main steps to make sure to write a good essay is to review it for logical fallacies and other errors. A great writer always sets away some time to make sure that the delivery is flawless, as many of the errors escape the human eye during the writing process. ‘Write hot, Revise Cold’ is the motto to go by. Make sure not to let some grammatical or punctuational errors--that have a tendency to pop out--distract the readers and leave a bad impression upon them.

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