Make this fall classy and be trend setter among family and friends . 

Here's a curated Fall gifts to ensure that : 

1. Classic Table Centerpieces - This sophisticate table centerpieces are made up of preserved roses that can lasts up to 3 years. No tending, no watering, just put them on your center table and you are good to go. Of course, there are wide choice of colors and patterns available. 



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Those forever flowers that you buy or gift someone , which stays all the way same for years always fascinates me. And that lead to few curation. I wondered how they were maintained so fresh . Ultimately, I got some insight from the team of Eternal Roses, New York which is a preserved roses company that sells variety of gift products made out of preserved roses. Based, on those understanding, here's a pictorial representation of how Roses are preserved in it's true form.