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A single tooth implant is ideal for replacing a missing tooth that you lost due to decay or from an accident. Your implant dentist in Brooklyn offers everyone in your family, from your athletic teenager to an aging parent, a number of implant options for the best dental care in the city. We use only the best quality medical grade titanium or titanium alloy for dental implants. Come to our cosmetic dental clinic to receive the most efficient, functional, and highly esthetic results. Meet our family, cosmetic dentists in Brooklyn Alex and Igor Khabensky DDS to get the fastest & painless dental implant treatments in the safe, reassuring hands of the best rated dentist in Brooklyn.

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Missing a Single Tooth?

If you’re only missing one tooth, then a single tooth implant may be the perfect solution for you. There are actually several advantages to dental implants as opposed to other tooth replacement treatments.

A single tooth implant looks and functions just like your own natural tooth. But unlike dental bridges, your Brooklyn cosmetic dentist can replace a single tooth without damaging any surrounding teeth.

The implant replaces the root of your tooth and anchors directly into your jawbone. This means your bone is left intact and has significantly less chance of receding or eroding, which helps to slow, or in some cases prevent, tooth deterioration altogether.

Single Tooth Implant Beats a Bridge

When you have a bridge, the bone that normally surrounds and protects your tooth begins to reabsorb or deteriorate. It’s because the bone that held the tooth’s root now has nothing to hold onto. It’s even possible for your gums to begin receding around your bridge. If this happens to you, your bridge becomes less and less stable. A bridge does nothing to support your bone or gums.

Bone that’s being reabsorbed beneath a bridge can spell disaster for your smile. And the cement can easily lose its hold and be washed out, allowing bacteria and decay to attack your teeth. Having to constantly worry about repairs on your bridge also can be stressful. When it comes to more permanent solutions, like a single tooth implant, there’s a family dentist in Brooklyn you can trust.

Perfection Doesn’t Happen in a Day

single tooth implants placement in BrooklynSingle Tooth Implants | Best Quality Components

Single Tooth Implant – Best Quality Post

From the time of your first x-ray, only cutting-edge technology is used by the leading Brooklyn cosmetic dentist. Professional dental implants are a multi-step process. Even your single tooth implant is custom- designed, created and fit to ensure one-of-a-kind comfort and a natural appearance.

Your  tooth implant procedure may be different from other people’s. You may require additional procedures to achieve the final results you desire, such as:

  • There’s a possibility that your bone or gum have deteriorated to the point that you require a bone graft or a gum graft. You must have enough bone and tissue for the implant to imbed.
  • If you’re missing one of your upper molars and there’s any chance of damage or penetration to your sinus cavity, you may need a sinus lift. Also known as a sinus augmentation, this procedure ensures that your sinus cavity remains unaffected by adding bone as needed for your implant.
  • The implant itself typically is crafted from titanium and resembles a small screw or cylinder. It’s secured into your jawbone to replicate the root of your natural tooth. It takes about six months for the implant to heal and bond with your bone to form an anchor for your implant crown.
  • Once your bone and gums have had the chance to properly heal, your crown seals the deal. It fits perfectly over your implant for an end result that even you might have a hard time telling apart from your natural teeth.

And while you may need additional appointments and procedures with your Brooklyn family dentist, any pain you experience can generally be managed with over-the-counter medications. But if your procedures are more involved, your dentist may prescribe additional pain medication.

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