It is effortless to take your pets when traveling with American Airlines Booking. American Airlines allows fully-trained service animals and other emotional support animals without paying any extra charge and can be carried in the cabin with the passenger if they meet all their requirements. Let’s find out what are the requirements to get your service animals on the flight. 

Emotional Support Animals 

As we all know, emotional support animals and psychiatric service animals assist the person with their psychiatric or cognitive disabilities or emotional support. American Airlines require advance approval and notice from the passengers if they wish to carry their service animals in the cabin. American Airlines basic requirements are:

  • Only one emotional support animal is allowed per person.

  • Trained cats and dogs are allowed. A passenger that can carry a miniature horse that is trained might get permitted as a service animal. Any other animal apart from these must comply with the US Department of Transportation requirements for Health and Safety that includes all the documents of the animal with updated vaccination reports and are well behaved. 

  • All the pets must be at least four months old with full cleanliness and well-behaved.

  • The final approval to carry your pet will only happen at the Airport when the Airline staff approves that they are safe to take and will fit safely below the cabin seats.

If the animal is larger and is unable to accommodate the carrier, then the passenger might need to:

  • Again book a seat on a different flight with more open seats

  • Buy an extra ticket for the animal to be seated

  • Or the passenger can transport the animal as a check-in pet

It is always recommended to read the American Airlines reservations policy to understand the rules and regulations better. 

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