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As the amount of passwords people need to remember over the years has increased, so has the instances of forgotten passwords. There’s an honest chance that you simply may eventually forget your QuickBooks administrator password. Determine the way to use the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool to revive your access.

Addressing Security Concerns

Due to increasing cyber security concerns, QuickBooks features a very thorough password retrieval process in situ . For quite a long time, Intuit has given a QuickBooks secret phrase reset apparatus. Anyway as information on the instrument has developed, so has misuse. within the past, anyone could obtain a QuickBooks Company file, allowing them to retrieve and steal important financial data from the account. By requiring users to enter their Canadian social welfare number, QuickBooks has significantly lowered the instances of theft.

Instructions to Use the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool

1. attend the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool.
2. Click on the QuickBooks version you've got last used, on the Versio” tab. this could be the QuickBooks 3. version you last wont to open your company file, and it must be installed on the device you're using reset the password. spot what version of QuickBooks you've got , press CTRL+1 or F2. A product information window should crop up . Next, find the Versions Used on File header.Underneath, you'll find various codes. A V24 code means you own a QuickBooks version from 2014, a V25 code indicates a 2015 date then on.

6. Fill in your QuickBooks business information and registration number . Click Submit once you are finished. All data entered must match up with the knowledge from Intuit’s system, including your email address. the e-mail that contains the access token are going to be sent to only an equivalent address you originally entered.
7. Accept the license agreement, and click on Download.
8.On the subsequent screen, click Download Now. confirm that you simply save the QBPasswordReset.exe file to your desktop.
9.Open the QBPasswordReset.exe file that you simply downloaded to use the QuickBooks Password Reset Tool.
10.Check your email, and enter the token number that was sent.
11.Choose your version of QuickBooks within the QuickBooks Products menu
12.Click Browse for Company File, and choose the corporate file that you simply wish to reset your password on.
13.Enter your new password within the Confirm Password and New Password fields.
14.Click Reset Password.

Once you've got completed these steps, you ought to have access to QuickBooks and be ready to login to your company’s file by using the new password you created. Before you complete the verification form once more , you'll not be allowed to use the QBPasswordReset.exe file after this instance. To reset your password on a separate QuickBooks company file, return to the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool and repeat an equivalent process to download a replacement QBPasswordReset.exe file.

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