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In several instances, you'll see QuickBooks crashes multiple times each day . One such instance is when reports are being exported to excel, and QuickBooks crashes or simply stop responding. An unsupported version of the software are often one among the apparent reasons for the error. However, several other reasons for “QuickBooks Crashes Error” can also hamper your work progress. Other instances of this error are often seen as-

< quickbooks="" crashing="" when="" sending="" an="" email="" or="" emailing="">
< quickbooks="" crashes="" when="" opening="" or="" updating="" company="">
< quickbooks="" crashes="" when="" opening="" register="">
< quickbooks="" crashes="" while="" reconciling="">
< quickbooks="" crashes="" when="" it's="" closed="" or="">

Possible Reasons behind QuickBooks Desktop Crashes When Exporting To Excel

Earlier versions of MS Excel only support 256 columns, and if your report exceeds this limit, then the export won't be completed, crashing QuickBooks in no time. a number of the common reasons giving rise to “QuickBooks Desktop Working Error”-

1.A current version of the QuickBooks isn't compatible with the Microsoft Excel
2. Corrupt or damaged installations of QuickBooks or Microsoft Office
3. It are often the problematic data or report causing trouble in exporting to Excel
4. File registry isn't working normally

If any of the possible condition exists when exporting to excel, QuickBooks keeps crashing several times each day and stop you from completing any on-going task.

How to Resolve the Error While Exporting From QuickBooks to Excel

Exporting from QuickBooks to excel problem are often fixed by putting down its causes. Below are a number of the foremost effective solutions, you'll go for the error resolution.

Solution 1: confirm That QuickBooks & MS Office Are Compatible

If QuickBooks crashes thanks to the incompatible application and MS Office, then you would like to make sure that the compatibility issue is fixed. If you're using QuickBooks 2016 or the later versions of the software, then you would like to see their system requirements within the first place. Also, make sure that Windows 10 with the 64-bit edition is installed. If QuickBooks crashes again, then jump to subsequent solution.

Solution 2: Update QuickBooks to the newest Release

To ensure the optimal performance and utmost security of the software, update QuickBooks to the newest version.

1. Launch the appliance on your system
2. Navigate the most menu and click on on “update.”
3. await the update process to finish .
4. Don’t forget to determine a stable Internet connection before getting started with the update process

QuickBooks crashing/freezing continues? Try subsequent solution.

Solution 3: Repair QuickBooks Desktop

Don’t miss to organize the QuickBooks Desktop Installation CD, before repairing QuickBooks Desktop. Also, copy your company file to stop the answer from any data loss. From Programs & Features in QuickBooks, you'll uninstall any unwanted program. Select QuickBooks and choose Uninstall/Change option. Follow the on-screen instructions until the repair process is completed. If QuickBooks Crashes when exporting to excel, even after the successful completion of this error-resolution method, then you want to follow subsequent solution.

Solution 4: Make Use Of Verify & Rebuild Data Utility

Verify Data utility helps you to get if any data damage exists in your company file. With the assistance of Rebuild Data, you'll fix the common data damages within the software and resume your work progress. After utilizing the Rebuild Data, again run the Verify Data utility to make sure that each one the damages are repaired.

Note: make sure that QuickBooks is updated to the newest version, and no application is running within the windows, before using the tool for “QuickBooks Crashes Error.”
Exporting Excel To QuickBooks Problem Persists.

If any of the essential aspects of the “QuickBooks Crashes Error” resolutions steps are ignored or not performed correctly, then the error may resume while exporting QuickBooks to MS excel. Fret not! you'll contact our QuickBooks error support helpline number 1-855-481-5338 to avail immediate assistance from the experienced QB experts. you'll not see QuickBooks crashing or freezing once the error is fixed by the dedicated QB professionals.