Sage 50 has stopped working error usually pops up when user upgrade Sage 50 to the newest version but OS isn't updated or it's older version. you'll face issues together with your software or your computer can also crash which might result that your software won't respond.

Causes for Sage 50 has Stopped Working

  •  the newest update that Windows 10 has released might create issue.
  • Incomplete or Corrupt establishment from either the side of Windows or Software.
  • Sage stops interacting with Windows because compatibility mode with Windows XP is enabled.
  • Computer is either low or out of obtainable RAM and can't open program.
  • Network or server is slow and not responding quickly enough to program running locally.
  •  This message is caused during processes just like the backup. The program is busy with it's own processes that it doesn't interest with Windows within the way Windows would really like .
  •  Windows adds the few extra word, "not responding".

Steps for Fix Sage 50 Accounting has quit working

With the assistance of our Sage 50 Technical Support Team, we've acknowledged various solutions through which we will assist you get your issues sorted.

Method I: Update your Sage with the newest version (Sage 50 2018.2)

  • Open Services section of your Sage software then select Check for Updates.
  • Now, select the download link. Here, you would like to update sage to the newest version i.e. 2018.2.
  • Direct to the installation file, double click thereon to run the installation process. you ought to have had log in with administrator rights to run this file.
  • For Windows 8, evacuate all similarity settings.

  Method II: Change Compatibility setting

The solution is extremely specific and every one those users who use 1709 version of Microsoft Windows 10 (Fall Creators Update) can only apply this solution method .Presently, design your Sage 50 and run the similarity mode in Windows 8..

  • Double-click on the Sage icon.
  • Now, open properties from the menu.
  • Navigate to Compatibility button.
  • Now, click on the Change Settings for All Users then in compatibility mode, select the program.
    From the choices , Click on Windows 8 then click on OK.
  • Now, attempt to open Sage 50 accounting software then check whether there's any error left within the software or not.

  Method III: Reboot computer (if .SAI file is stored locally and/or shared with other users)

  • If suspected network issue, attempt to copy the info locally (File, Save a copy) and backup
  • If copy is extremely slow, verify size of the file. Problem could also be at the server or within the network
  • Reboot Server after ensuring everyone has logged out and or reboot router or switch if it is a network issue
  • ask Article ID 39019 Not responding when creating a backup, in Related Resources

Method IV: Restart Connection Manager service

  •  attend Windows Start button on rock bottom left of your screen.
  •  In Search projects and records, type 'Services.msc'
  • In Services.msc window, under Name, right-click on the Sage 50 Database Connection Manager,Select Restart

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