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Printing 1099s in QuickBooks may be a straightforward process once you get the hang of it, but it are often tricky for first-timers. So just just in case you grind to a halt along the way, we’ve also included a 1099 Printing FAQ with quick fixes to common issues at rock bottom of this guide.

Remember: the IRS doesn’t accept 1099 forms printed on plain paper, and you would like to send copies of your 1099s to contractors and therefore the IRS by January 31. confirm you order your pre-printed 1099-MISC forms asap and provides yourself many time to mail them off well before the deadline.

How to print 1099 forms in QuickBooks Online

Printing your 1099s in QuickBooks Online is comparatively straightforward. stir up the 1099 Wizard, follow the steps, and hit print.

Step 1: Use the QuickBooks 1099 Wizard to organize your 1099s

1. Within the sidebar of your QuickBooks Online dashboard, hover your mouse over Workers
2. A fly-out menu will appear. Select Contractors.
3. This may display an inventory of the contractors you’ve worked with. Click the Prepare 1099sbutton on this screen.

Follow the prompts to:
<> Confirm your company’s tax information
<> Review your contractors’ information
<> make sure the payments add up
Once everything is accurate and finalized, select Finish Preparing 1099s

Because you’re filing by mail, you’ll want to pick the Print & Mail? I’ll File Myselfoption.

QuickBooks Online suggests that you simply got to purchase a QuickBooks 1099 kit to proceed. But you've got your own forms and you’re able to print; purchasing more isn’t necessary.

When we ran through this process ourselves, selecting Print & Mail? I’ll File Myselftook us straight to subsequent page where we could print our 1099s (i.e. we weren’t required to order a QuickBooks 1099 kit).

This should also work for you. But if you've got any issues getting around this step, or if you’re charged for a QuickBooks kit that you simply don’t need, call QuickBooks and confirm they cancel the order before it’s processed.

Step 2: Print a blank-paper sample and confirm your printer is correctly aligned
To avoid wasting any of your pre-printed 1099-MISC forms, you ought to first check the print alignment by printing a blank-paper sample.

1. Within the Print 1099swindow, select 1099 form type
2. Load blank paper into your printer
3. Click Print a Sample on Blank Paper
4. Place the sample over a pre-printed 1099 form.
5. Hold them both up to the sunshine (a desk lamp or sunlit window will do the trick)
6. Make sure the data on your printed sample is lining up correctly

If your sample aligns together with your pre-printed 1099, select Yes, looks good!

If your sample isn’t aligned correctly, select No, it doesn’t line up and:

1. Use the Fine-tune alignmentwindow to regulate alignment settings
2. Print another sample on blank paper
3. make sure the data on your printed sample is now lining up correctly

Repeat this step until you're proud of the alignment.

Full disclosure: we had to print 5 samples to urge the alignment good . The QuickBooks Wizard’s adjust alignment grid was pretty useless; we had to eyeball it until we got it good .

For this reason, we strongly recommend that you simply write down the alignment settings once you get this right (For us, that was “Horizontal 9, Vertical -7”). It’ll prevent time if you would like to return to the wizard and print more 1099s within the future.

Step 3: Load and print your 1099s

So your 1099s are prepared, and you’ve confirmed that the blank-paper sample is aligning correctly together with your pre-printed forms. Great!

Now it’s time to load your pre-printed 1099-MISC forms into the printer and print your 1099s.

You’ll want to print each a part of the shape as a batch, like so:

<> Load all COPY As first
<> Print all COPY As
<> Load all COPY Bs next
<> Print all COPY Bs

Repeat this process for every of the 1099-MISC parts that you simply got to print.
Now that your forms are printed, you'll separate them and mail them to the IRS, your contractors, and state tax office.

Send payer copies during a batch to the IRS and state, and send recipient copies to your contractors in compatible 1099-MISC form envelopes.

How to Print 1099 Forms in QuickBooks Desktop

The QuickBooks Wizard will assist you print 1099s in QuickBooks desktop. But as we all know, QuickBooks Desktop may be a special beast. If your account isn’t found out good , you would possibly run into a couple of issues.

Here are the instructions for using the wizard to print your 1099s in QuickBooks Desktop. We’ve also included some troubleshooting solutions within the 1099 Printing FAQ, below.

If you hit a significant roadblock during this process, the quickest thanks to fix your QuickBooks Desktop account setup is to call QuickBooks customer support.

How to purchase pre-printed 1099-MISC forms online

Here’s where to send each a part of the 1099-MISC:

<> Copy A (red, scannable; features a 12” side perforation) is shipped to the IRS
<> Copy B is shipped to the recipient (your contractor)
<> Copy C is for your recordkeeping purposes
<> Copy 1 is shipped to your state tax department
<> Copy 2 is for the recipient to file with their state tax return

Remember: albeit you opt to e-file your 1099-MISC forms with the IRS, you’re still required to offer your contractor (the recipient) a paper copy.

Your state’s tax requirements will determine what percentage 1099-MISC “parts” you would like to organize and file. If you’re unsure, ask your tax advisor before moving ahead with this process.
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Some of my contractors exceed the 1099 threshold, but they’re not appearing on my print 1099 information sheet. What do I do?

To be honest, this is often a difficult one. When this problem occurs, it always means there’s a mistake within the way your contractors and accounts are found out in QuickBooks.

Here’s an evidence of how you'll resolve this issue in QuickBooks Online and QuickBooks Desktop.

How to solve this issue in QuickBooks Desktop

We know this answer might sound sort of a cop-out. But your best bet (and quickest solution) at resolving this issue QuickBooks Desktop is to select up the phone and chat with QuickBooks customer support.

It’s highly likely that something in your account setup is causing this issue in QuickBooks Desktop. And while you'll follow this detailed guide to troubleshoot all of them yourself, learning the phone and chatting with a QuickBooks pro will prevent many time (and maybe even a couple of headaches). you'll contact QuickBooks customer support at +1-844-827-3817.

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