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QuickBooks Error H202 and H505 are the foremost common Error codes that arises when a user attempt to access company files that's located on another computer which computer demands additionally installation and setup.

Today, through this useful post we'll guide you ways a user can get ride away from these error codes. QuickBooks H series error codes may occur thanks to various factors. you'll follow below given points to unravel these error codes by your own.

However, If you've got questions associated with these errors, be happy to ask them to our Enterprise support team by dialing 1-855-481-5338. Our intuit certified experts will anticipate to your concern and solve your problems quickly.

Causes QuickBooks Errors H101, H202, H303 and H505?

When  ever you open company file into multi-user mode shows error. the most reason for errors H101, H303 and H505 is once you are trying to access the corporate file located on multi-user mode and therefore the system got to installation and make their settings correctly.

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code H202:

You May See the subsequent Error Message on Your Desktop Screen:

1. When QuickBooks is unable to attach to remote server so as to open the corporate file.
2. Wrong QB file hosting configuration or settings
3. Damaged or incorrect .ND files configuration which can allow QuickBooks to access company files during a network.
4. Conflicting QuickBooks Database Manager conflicts with DNS Server.
5. QuickBooks workstation is unable to ping the Host computer (IP address is unreachable)
6. When the configuration of DNS is inappropriate.
7. QuickBooks services like QuickBooksDBXX/QBCF aren't started

Causes of QuickBooks Error Code H505:

QuickBooks Error Code H505 generally occurs when a user tries to open a corporation file on a system from a special computer or QuickBooks fails to contact other computers connected to Multi-User hosting.

1. Company file which isn't located on their computer.
2. The hosting configuration is wrong.
3. QuickBooks has some corrupt and damaged files.
4. When QuickBooks Firewall setting is obstructing to access company files or it’s blocking incoming and outgoing communication.

You May See the subsequent Error Message on Your Desktop Screen:

QuickBooks Error Code H303 arises when your company file is found into your computer & required for a further configuration.

Why QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H303, H505 Occurs?

When QuickBooks software attempt to establish a connection to access company files but it's unable to speak with the server. Other reasons could be as:

1. Configuration hosting is totally during a wrong format.
2. A firewall gets blocked when communicates in or out.
3. .ND files are incorrect or get damaged.
4. QB firewall ports weren't set as properly.
5. DNS settings during a QB application are improper.
6. QuickBooks services aren't started properly.
7. Problem facing in obtaining an IP address of a system.
8. All settings of the hosting configuration are incorrect.
9. there's an opportunity that your QB services is did not run.

Simple step to Fix QuickBooks Error Codes H101, H202, H303 and H505?

Solutions of QuickBooks Error Code H202:

Solution 1: How to Use the QuickBooks Database Server Manager (QBDSM)

1. Navigate to the server system (system that has physically stored the QuickBooks company file).
2. within the server machine (system hosting the QuickBooks company files), click on the “Start” icon & type-in the database.
3. Hit onto the ‘QuickBooks Database Server Manager’ (QBDSM).
4. At any situation, no folder locations are shows then hit onto the “Browse” icon & search the QB folder where company files are stored.
5. Click on the “OK” tab.
6. Click on the “Start Scan” option, this may repair the firewall permissions & allows the QuickBooks application to converse over the network and fix the QuickBooks error.
7. Once it completed, hit onto the “Close” icon & later, make an effort to open the QuickBooks applications in Multi-User mode on the one or more then workstations.

Solution 2: Verify the hosting & Services

multi-user.H303, or H505 when opening your company file to resolve multi-user issues . hosting is employed to explain things where the pc that's . In Hosting Local Files only mode .

Solution 3: Use QuickBooks Database Server Manager  to transmit data
1. Configure Personal Firewall
2. Look to Configure Firewall & Internet security settings for QuickBooks application for complete instructions.
3. this is able to allow you to skills manually you'll found out the ports exceptions on the Windows firewall.
4. After following the sequential steps, access/open the QuickBooks program in multi-user mode again.

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