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Let's assume that the value of an employee's insurance is $300 per pay period which the worker is liable for paying 25% of that cost through payroll withholding. a method to handle the withholding is to credit insurance Expense for the $75 (25% of $300) withheld from the worker . the corporate will then debit insurance Expense for the complete insurance billing of $300. this may end in $225 being reported because the company's insurance expense for that pay period.

The American healthcare system is usually seen as a labyrinthine system designed to form things difficult for everybody involved. for little business owners, the healthcare system's obtuse and dear structure can sometimes mean not providing benefits to their employees. To simplify the method , Intuit is bringing healthcare solutions for little businesses to QuickBooks.

Officials revealed earlier today that customers of Intuit's QuickBooks Online Payroll can now provide their employees with "easy and affordable medical, dental and vision benefits."

Our mission is to help other small business owners in reaching the extent of . Since each small business is exclusive , we'll examine all aspects of the . to manage a newly formed business while juggling employees and a growing client base a broad range of services.

Small businesses and health benefits

To better understand how small businesses interact with healthcare, QuickBooks surveyed quite 2,000 small business owners and HR professionals. consistent with that survey, 71% of SMBs with up to 50 employees already offer one sort of insurance benefit to their employees. Furthermore, 66% of respondents said offering insurance for his or her employees was a crucial think about attracting new hires, while 58% said health benefits were an excellent thanks to retain existing employees.

As for the remaining 29% of small businesses polled that did not offer health benefits for his or her employees, 36% said they didn't skills much benefits would cost. From that very same group of respondents, 56% said they might be more likely to get insurance for his or her staff if it had been linked with another product.

QuickBooks partners with Simply Insured to supply SMB benefits

Given that Intuit's current lineup of products includes TurboTax, Mint, and other consumer and business-level platforms, the corporate said adding insurance to the list required a partnership. Intuit is partnering with Simply Insured.

Thanks to that partnership, QuickBooks Online Payroll users can now use the platform to try to to the following:

Receive instant quotes. Through the QuickBooks Online Payroll platform, business owners can receive quotes from Simply Insured supported their postcode . Additional identifying data won't be needed.
Compare and apply for the proper insurance plan. QuickBooks Online Payroll users can now easily compare plans to seek out one that gives the proper coverage for the proper price. Once chosen, a business owner can then apply "in just three simple steps," consistent with Intuit.
Manage everyday tasks. Through the QuickBooks Online Payroll platform, employers can manage payroll and insurance benefits in one location.

Make your business more appealing to new and current employees. By offering a healthcare decide to employees, small business owners using QuickBooks Online Payroll can attract and keep top talent.
cash in of simpler tax deductions. Since the platform will integrate with other QuickBooks software apps, users will find that the platform automatically calculates employee benefit deductions.
Get dedicated support. Business owners won't be left trying to work out any problems which will happen , as QuickBooks is providing full-time dedicated customer support - +1-844-827-3817.

Offering insurance as an employee benefit is usually one among the only but best steps you'll fancy reward and attract talent. Health benefits also can deliver a variety of advantages , like increasing productivity, boosting morale, and helping shape a positive company culture.

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