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Had some extremely significant work, however QuickBooks unfit to open organization document? Well, majority of QuickBooks users can relate to the present , because the error QuickBooks cannot open QuickBooks company file or QuickBooks unable to open company file has become common nowadays. Despite the fact that QuickBooks offers some extremely incredible highlights and advantages, yet may confront certain specialized glitches as well. QuickBooks users generally get frustrated, and are unable to tackle these sorts of errors. this text is for those who face error: QuickBooks unable to open company file Therefore, if you're facing any such problem, then stick with the top of the article.

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 What is Error : QuickBooks incapable to open organization document?

 Before digging in deep and learning about quick fixes to the present error, it might be sensible enough to first determine what actually this error is all about. QuickBooks unable to open the corporate file error can occur thanks to numerous possible reasons. This error doesn't allow the user to open the corporate file, and might spoil the whole work of the user, while they're operating the software.
Why error ‘Cannot open QuickBooks company file’

The reason behind the occurrence of this error are often many. Out of the large list, we've listed a number of the foremost common observed causes. allow us to have a look:

  • Damaged data in company files could be one among the explanations why QuickBooks is unable to open the corporate file.
  • just in case there's any quite issue with the file location and extension, then the user won't be ready to open the corporate file.
  • Another case are often , when the corporate data gets damaged thanks to a corrupt disk drive with file storage.
  • If there's any quite conflict with QBW.TLG file, then this sort of error might be seen.
  •  Any quite issue with the reports within the file also can cause this bug.
  • On the off chance that the client is utilizing off base QB adaptation to open records, at that point this blunder can happen.

Error codes reflecting this error

  •  Error 3371: Status Code 11118
  •  HX0X error
  •   C=XXX messages

 Fix Error: Cannot open QuickBooks Company record [Troubleshooting]

Well, if you're facing this error, then there's excellent news for you. There are quite one rectification methods which will be wont to get obviate this error with much ease. we'll be discussing each of the methods one by one intimately .


Method #1: Checking the Properties and File extension

  •  the primary step during this method is to open the folder where the corporate file is found
  • then , right-click the corporate file icon, followed by selecting the properties option.
  • subsequent step within the process is to make sure that the sort of file is QuickBooks company file and also the dimensions of the file is a minimum of 7 MB.
  • Now, the user is required to click on Advanced, and make sure that the boxes are unchecked for Compress and Encrypt attributes are unchecked.
  •  to finish this process, the user is required to click OK.

 Method #2: Opening the QuickBooks Company File directly  from the QuickBooks software

 Moving to the Windows desktop might work, just in case of folder permission issues. Thus, the user can follow the steps listed below:


  • First of all, the user is required to settle on Open or Restore Company, from the file menu.
  • then , choose the acceptable radio button for the file type that the user wants to open.
    within the next step, the user is meant to Browse the situation of the file.

                    • then , pick the document and hit Open alternative.

Method #3: Renaming the .TLG file and also .ND Extensions

There are often a situation, when the corporate file doesn’t open thanks to any quite damage to the TLG and ND files. Thus, in such cases renaming these files can help in opening the corporate file. The steps involved during this process are as follows:


  • the primary step is to open the folder, where the corporate file is found .
    then , right-click the transaction log file.
  • then rename the file to OLD.qbw.TLG and repeat an equivalent process with .ND file.
    subsequent step is to open the corporate file and therefore the .TLG and .ND files are going to be crafted automatically.

Method #4: Renaming QuickBooks company file


  • to start with, open the folder having the corporate file.
  •  then , right-click and pick the Rename choice.
  • subsequent step is to vary the name of the file, and confirm that the name don't exceeds 3 letters and also make sure that the first file extension is unbroken .
  • then , if you see any .TLG file for an equivalent , then don't forget to rename it also .

Method 5: Fixing QuickBooks Installation

The user can move the QuickBooks company file to the other system, if possible, and check out to open it. If just in case the files exposes on other system, then the matter is with QuickBooks on the primary system, or it are often any quite issue with the system. For fixing that, the user can:


  • Either run the QBInstall tool

Method #6: don't let QuickBooks desktop Windows open automatically

The user can make an effort to suppress too many windows from opening automatically that are opened within the company file. The steps to be performed are:

Select the corporate file that's present on the No company open window.
then , press ALT key and hit open.
In case the user is unable to open the corporate file with none quite error, then perform the steps below:

  • Hit Preferences on the Edit menu.
  • then , tap on Desktop view, then choose the Don’t save the desktop option.
  • And lastly, hit OK button.


Method #7: Copying QuickBooks Company File to a different location

In case the corporate file is situated to a network drive, the user is required to repeat an equivalent to the local drive. Also, troubleshoot the network configuration, just in case the local file opens. Or the user can follow the steps below:


  •  to start with, the user is required to make a replacement folder within the C:\drive.
  • Then, open the folder having the corporate file.
  •  subsequent step is to press Ctrl then choose the corporate file and therefore the corresponding .TLG of the corporate file.
  •  Then, right-click and choose Copy option.
  •  then , the user is required to open the new folder, then right click then choose Paste option.

These were a couple of of the methods to repair the difficulty of QuickBooks unable to open the corporate file. Thus, choosing any of the above methods can add your favor and assist you to repair the error with much ease. However, if by any chance none of the methods worked in your favor, or the error continues to bother you even after trying out all the methods, then be happy to call us at 1-855-481-5338.