So you shortage to customize your golf courage and have your company's emblem printed on it. All you requirement to do is to go to the prevalence representation golf balls store and tell the pastor "Hey, print this on 200 golf balls. When can I get it?"

Cool. So while you are waiting-while you and I are waiting-let me portion to you how your golf globe of today came into being. The earliest booking of golf tins be traced back in the 1100s. But the details are obscure so let us jump three centuries later to Scotland. The golf globe used in this year, in about 1400s, was made of goose nature and leather and it was called a featherie. Talk about resourcefulness in appointment convention. Prior to that, the golf spheres is no more than rounded wood.

A featherie is no more than rain goose feathers wrapped tightly in leather. The area is boiled and allowed to cool-of course, it is too hot to handle-so the feathers would expand and the leather would shrink. This currents made the heavens mold for flight. The challenge here is the price and the numbering of time needed to produce these golf balls. An expert golf orb manufacturer tins only whip two featheries in one day. According to history, a featherie cost the equivalent of $00 USD of today per ball!

Add to that the fact that a featherie is totally useless once it got wet. It simply burst when crate or when it box solid surfaces because the stitches on the leather get loose easily. Since the genius of mankind was not yet fully explored and cultivated at that time-precisely because I wasn't born yet-the poor tribe of the planet had to make do wit the featherie as the pastor golf sky for two hundred years. Of course, I requirement not say that currency logo golf testicles were not yet a fad at that time.

Then, in 1848, a guy of great intellect, Robert Paterson-not related to me-introduced the gutta percha. Also called a guttie, the gutta percha was a golf orb made of a rubbery substance or duster found in a Malaysian Sapodilla tree. How Robert Paterson got to Malaysia I do not know. What I know of is that his golf heavens was used until the 1800s.

A man who got bored, the name of whom I have forgotten, wound rubber into a sky while waiting for his Quaker to play-guess what-golf! And that is the beginning of the modern golf ball. People found out, though, that smooth golf boldness are not form for fly because it cannot fight the importance in the air while moving at a certain speed. So group added dimples to the golf not to type it seeming cute but to utility aerodynamics to get the perfect lift and impediment of the golf spheres in flight.


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