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When you are evaluating various providers, you should consider these six-vehicle tracking features that will help you improve your business and your bottom line.

Real-time location tracking. ...

• Customizable alerts. ...

• Vehicle maintenance scheduling. ...

• Route optimization and scheduling. ...

• Measuring Vehicle Use

1>Real-Time Location Tracking

Place tracking is at the support of fleet management. This is where the phrase "dots-on-a-map" was born. GPS vehicle tracking systems began to know where vehicles and assets were at all times for several reasons. Garmin Support the best features of real-time Location for tracking.

An awareness of where your drivers, vehicles, and equipment are at any given time allows you to react more quickly in emergencies. This enables you to ensure that you can send the right vehicles, people, and resources to the right places. More simply, the number one reason companies need to track real-time location is for an anti-theft system. Many businesses also see an immediate, large-scale return on investment (ROI) in an instance of recovering a stolen vehicle or property.

However, not all fleet tracking systems are actually "real-time" solutions. Some providers only offer periodic updates to their GPS tracking devices. In short, they only send data every two minutes, three minutes, or longer. So, Garmin GPS supports real-time data for your business, so you need to ask providers how often their tracking device updates. This detection is particularly important in cases of anti-theft-second cases in a theft scenario

2. Customizable Alerts

Fleet management customizable alerts are always on top of vehicle tracking system features. Obtaining real-time notifications regarding driving behavior for vehicle diagnostics can open up opportunities to reduce risk and improve efficiency. Garmin Support team will You assist you if you have any issue with the Garmin device.

For example, real-time tracking of wasted fuel due to poor driving habits or high idle time may reveal areas for improvement. When you can reduce the cost of fuel even by 5-10%.

Gamin Support Customizable alerts range from: 

  • Garmin Support Odd-hour alert: When vehicles and assets move during a specified time frame, that is, between 10:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m.
  • Garmin Support Long Idol Times: Alert when vehicles are idling for a specified time frame, ie, for more than 10 minutes. You can send an additional message asking you to stop the vehicle at that time.
  • Garmin Support Speed ??Alert: Alert when vehicles either travel at a specified speed (ie, 75 mph) or exceed the posted speed limit of the road. That is when they run at least 10 mph (MPH) or more above the posted speed limit.
  • Garmin Support Vehicle Maintenance Causes: Due to specified vehicle maintenance or alerts in the coming time. These alerts can range from oil changes to tire rotations to vehicle inspections.

3. Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling 

Vehicles are the lifeblood of your operation, so maintaining and driving them will always be a top priority. Garmin vehicle tracking systems that can monitor their health will allow you to monitor your vehicles and assets. Garmin Supports this best feature Vehicle Maintenance Scheduling.

This functionality means detecting new maintenance issues, addressing them immediately, and ensuring that preventive maintenance is scheduled and completed on time. Vehicle downtime can severely affect your business if one or several vehicles are out of commission for a long period.

4. Route optimization and scheduling

With the latest Garmin Support Vehicle Tracking System, pencils and paper relieve drivers of route headaches and businesses from potential accidents. Before implementing vehicle tracking technology, most companies have had issues with overlapping routes, driving long distances to drivers, or not sending the nearest vehicle for the next job.

With help, Garmin Supports Automatic tracking of vehicle tracking lets the drivers know at the beginning of every day where they are going and which route they will take. Vehicle tracking systems organize routes most effectively and with details such as customer requests or unique delivery requirements. This feature can streamline communication, increase productivity, and help maintain high levels of customer service by improving on-time.

5. Measuring Vehicle Use : 

The use of measurement is emerging as an important indicator of efficiency and total cost of ownership (TCO) for vehicles. If you face any problem with using this feature then call the Garmin Support Team. They will assist you.

Knowing which vehicles and how often they are used - especially in shared-services operations - is important in measuring whether you have the right type and the correct number of vehicles. Fleet tracking systems are the only way to measure this important metric. Trying to do this with an Excel spreadsheet will likely lead to inefficiencies, which could increase budget increases for vehicles. Garmin Supports this feature to help increase the budget for vehicles.  

6. Monitor driver behavior 

One of the most challenging aspects of a mobile workforce for monitoring and improvement is its drivers. This difficulty is usually due to the "Big Brother" mentality that many have. However, you can dispel this notion quickly.

Start the process to benefit from Garmin GPS vehicle tracking system

These top six features of the Garmin GPS tracking system are the tip of the iceberg when it comes to what this technology can do. There are other factors to consider, such as how easy the software is, whether or not the provider provides a mobile app, and how strong their geographic potential is. Integration with other third-party business software may also be important for operational efficiency.

For More information, you can call the Garmin Support team Or text Garmin online chat.