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Do vegans get enough protein?

Not to worry about the protein intake of vegans when the non-vegetarians are dealing with life-threatening diseases like the bird flu and swine flu! One common example of protein food for vegans is pulses. Leguminous plants are protein-rich and sufficiently capable of satiating the protein intake of your body. To name a few other protein-rich vegan foods are – chickpeas, different varieties of beans, some nutritional yeast, green peas, soy milk, nuts, oatmeal, etc.

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Will I be healthier if I grow slimmer? 

It is important to note hereby that “hidden” body fat may result in chronic illnesses at times. For instance, diabetes may be a consequence of fat in the liver. Moreover, to pursue the goal of getting yourself slimmer and slimmer, you might be skipping some essential nutrients for your body! The key to healthy living, therefore, is – motivation and not deprivation!

Don’t deprive yourself when you feel like having a chocolate brownie. If it's a dinner date, enjoy all the stuff that you want and balance it out the next morning in a couple of mornings! That's the whole idea of 'motivation'!

Should I switch to a no-carb diet completely?

Do you want to score zero in your energy levels? Certainly not. Due to this, you might opt for a low-carb diet but not a zero-carb diet. The latter, is quite obviously, an extreme form of the former! Carbohydrates, as we all know are a primary source of energy. Moreover, carbs are contained in foods like loaves of bread, vegetables, rice, fruits, milk, yogurt, grains, baked goods, and so on.

Welcoming a no-carb diet implies bidding goodbye to all of these! Top of it, you need to compensate the nutrient deficiency with sufficient fat and protein food intake like – meat, fish, butter, eggs, etc. This becomes even more restrictive than a keto diet! 

In short, you aren’t advised to opt for zero carbs at all.

Microwaving food is harmful

For an instance, consider cooking your food in the gas oven. The heat of the flames and continuous tossing of the food not only sucks water but also some heat-sensitive nutrients from your food! A microwave, on the other hand, has lesser impacts than other ray-emitting machines like your X-ray machines and gamma rays!

The misconception germinates from the admonition concerning the containers being used. While microwaving, do not forget to use containers that are apt, that is, the ones that do not leach into your food while passing on the rays!

Do not let ‘nutrition and health myths sprout’. When it comes to healthy living, having a crystal-clear conception of foods and their intake patterns is crucial.


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