Brandon, MB––September 19, 2019: As wishful as it could be QuickBooks says there is no magic fix to importing "All Transactions" from Microsoft Great Plains or Dynamics into QuickBooks Online.

“Your best bet would be to enter transactions manually using different file formats since the QuickBooks Online platform is different from Microsoft dynamics. Moreover, you would need to identify the transaction type and the file format to ensure that QuickBooks Online will take them,” E-Tech’s John Rocha said.

Rocha said most online migration services that offer quick conversion results are “really nothing but eyewash”. “Not being familiar with your company and working robotically often only paves the way for costly mistakes down the road. The way data is entered is no different than the manual entry of transactions, so what you are really paying for is tedious manual data entry,” Rocha said.

He explained the process of having the customer provided with an Excel spreadsheet to be used as a template for the import of data into the new system. “Unfortunately, through these methods, there’s a very strong likelihood of human error, resulting in some of the costliest errors to companies.   If at all during the data import, if the new system runs into a bad record,” Rocha said.

Transporting data from one software to the other requires careful scrutiny of the data being transferred, and it is highly required to review current accounting records and clean up bad data like inaccurate inventory counts, duplicate vendor entries, or aging accrual balances. On a more serious note, checking to see that your accounting records does not contain improperly closed periods, inaccurate liability balances, or outstanding balances on old jobs that have been written off or collected is also crucial. 

E-Tech’s transfer of data from Great Plains evaluates the source Great Plains data and compiles the number of lists and transactions that would need to be converted to QuickBooks. A no-obligation quote will be send after the analysis is complete.

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