Virginia, USA; 17, November 2017: MGB Inspection Services LLC formally announced their twenty years anniversary in business. An office party is to follow suit sometime this month. 

Since its founding MGB Inspection Services LLC has grown into one of the best-known home inspection firm around Ashland and surrounding communities. The company has expanded its service over the years to include; inspecting roofs, concrete slabs, and well testing, plumbing, electrical inspections. In recent years, extending the services to business entities. 

Since inception, MGB Inspection Services LLC has served several clients and business while delivering top-quality job as usual. Because of its unparalleled expertise and accomplishments in the home inspection sector, MGB Inspection Services LLC has been headhunted by increasing numbers of companies and individuals to provide extensive continuous home inspection services in Virginia. These currently range from electrical inspecting, to several plumbing and roof inspection. 

“Our company has received several congratulatory messages from dozens of sources on its momentous anniversary. It is a huge pleasure working with residents and businesses in the area. The passion exuded by the team, helps us to ensure a safe business environment has been second-to-none.” 

“May I wish the company many more years of success”. 

For more information on this service provision, please, feel free to contact MGB Inspection Services LLC using the information below. 

About MGB Inspection Services LLC: 

MGB Inspection Services LLC provides professional home and business inspection services. They also supply electrical units, roofs and plumbing. MGB Inspection Services LLC also secializes in roof inspection, concrete slabs, well testing, and much more. Their complementary consulting range of inspection covers every area. 

For Media Contact:
MGB Inspection Services LLC
13152 Toler Ln.
Rockville, VA 23146

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