If you are looking for something useful to gift your friend or a relative who has considerable interest in gaming, then you should go for Xbox Gift Card. An Xbox Gift Card is like a pass to the world of gaming. There are number of ways this can be used.

Gift cards are generally prepaid codes. This means that they come with a code on the back which is the most crucial part of the card. These can either be purchased from a retailer, or from online gaming portals or you can receive it as a gift. The prime advantage of this card is that you can access numerous options on Xbox network through this card without providing any credit card information on the website. Hence, you can stay hack safe without taking mental stress of safety of your privacy.

Such code on prepaid cards can be redeemed on Xbox console or on your computer. There are many types of prepaid codes available which can be used to purchase Xbox content. It does not matter whether you have purchased the card through physical store or online stores. But nowadays, many online stores have attractive discounts and offer cheap xbox gift card global. These cards can be added to your Microsoft account for making in purchases on Xbox network in future.

Xbox Gift cards can be used for Live Gold Membership, Live content like games and apps and also for music pass. An important question is how we redeem the Xbox gift cards. For this, press the Xbox Guide button situated in the centre of the controller. Go to Games and Apps and select the redeem code function. Enter all the characters in the prepaid code and select done. It will prompt a question for confirmation and then click yes.

These Gift card codes can also be redeemed on the computer to affect the Xbox Account immediately. For this go to the Xbox official website, go to redeem code and sign in with the Microsoft account which will be credited with the card amount.

Thereafter, to check the Microsoft account balance, go to Microsoft account page and sign in with Microsoft account details. When you have successfully signed in, the user will be prompted to enter the code received by email. Click the payments option to see the account balance.

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