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As far as unique luxury stag and hen nights go, Sydney charter cruises are right up there!

Celebrities celebrating their bachelor and bachelorette parties on private yachts in exotic destinations, make the headlines with the innumerable updates on social media that we could do without. All it does is really make you wish you could do something similar before you tie the knot. What if I told you that you could?

Sydney Harbour charters are now slowly becoming affordable party hosting venues. There’s a charter to fit almost any budget these days! While there are usually a few set ideas on how a hen or stag party should be, we urge you to break the rules a little and have some fun. Gather up your friends and get ready for the party of a lifetime.

While the entertainment options on the two parties are poles apart, the guidelines on choosing the perfect charter cruise to hire are similar. A few things to keep in mind are:

  • Size of your guest list-

Will you be entertaining only upto ten of your closest friends or will the party boast a guest list reaching upto fifty guests? The vessel that you choose must cater to the size of the crowd without any hiccups. Large party boats can easily accommodate over fifty guests!

  • Duration of the cruise-

The other factor that influences expenditure is the duration of the cruise. Usually the minimum duration for a charter is 4 hours and can go on to overnight cruises ranging over a couple of days.

  • Food-

Food is one of the most important facets of any party! Good food can make or break an event. Most cruises have delicious catering menus to choose fun so you can take a backseat from intensively planning the nitty-gritties! However, if you intend on bringing your own food, make sure that the cruise you pick allows BYO food. Usually a fixed surcharge applies on this clause. Also make sure there are enough cutlery and linens for all your guests!

  • Beverages-

What’s a bachelor party or a hen night without booze? If you again decide to bring your own beverages (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), check the charter policy on the same. In the case of drinks, arrangements for ice, coolers and glasses are also to be looked into.

  • Entertainment-

This definitely differs based on personal preference, crowd and gender. Ideally though, music and dance are definitely anticipated so booking a charter cruise with a good sound system, party lights and a dance floor is sure to get the party started! For a classy private affair on the other hand, an audio-visual unit and a microphone may be handy. Outsourcing entertainment like a DJ hire or dancers are a possibility too!

  • To swim or not to swim-

That is the question! Most charters have a swimming platform that you can dive off of at anchor for a quick dip. This generally makes sense for a party over 4 hours in duration.  


So what are you waiting for? Take a plunge before you take THE plunge!

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