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The land Down Under filled with end number of unique places and culture is known to attract millions of tourists every year. The harbour city of Sydney displaying a miscellany of events and activities all throughout the year including some peculiar ones like St. Jerome's Laneway Festival, Playground Weekender, Harvest Festival, Vivid etc are known to showcase the soul of Australia. Sydney with its scintillating harbour lunch cruises and world-famous structures stands out from rest of the Australian cities.


Amazing views are the perfect companion to increase the taste and appeal of any dish, don't you think? Whenever you require a spot where the view is considered as impeccable as the savoury food or if you are looking for a wonderful place to take your date, take a little read of this rundown tab for the best setting in Sydney.


The city of Sydney studded with roadside cafés & opulent restaurants serving an assortment of dishes featuring different cuisines is one of the main reasons why the city has a high tourist density. The food scenes of a tourist destination really affects its reputation and in case of Sydney its stature stands tall!


Luxury Sydney Harbour lunch cruise


The emerald city not only has a troop of restaurants & street joints but also has a fleet of sought-after harbour lunch cruises. You don't have to spend a king's ransom on booking a Sydney Harbour lunch cruise for you and your loved ones. There are a lot of operators that offer cruises at a very low price. Meander the large outer decks while watching exquisite views of Sydney Harbour and its surrounds. There are numerous varieties of cruises that are timed perfectly for the meals of the day. Breakfast and lunch cruises bolstering sumptuous food topped with premium drinks are known to be the perfect setting! Bon appetit.


There isn't another harbour on the planet to equal Sydney's excellence and energy. A Sydney Harbour lunch cruise bestows al fresco dining with splendid Opera House & Harbour Bridge views. Relish on savoury smorgasbord and canapés while checking out the opulent interiors of the authentic catamaran. The exceptional vessel with nautical design, contemporary dining area and exceptional panoramic windows for continuous harbour views is what makes this vessel a sell-out.


Other lunch options

Eateries and bars in Darling Harbour are famous for their unique cuisine and local delicacies. The rustic bars and street joints are a must-visit as they provide unaltered taste of the land Down Under. If you are into exploring the food scenes of the places you visit, then go on and explore in-depth the cuisine of Australia as it is sure to bowl you over with their out-of-the-box cooking ideas and ways in which they extract the flavours from each ingredient. Learn the culinary secrets and also experience Aboriginal dishes if you are lucky enough to find one serving it.  

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