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The Harbour City of Sydney!


The Sydney Harbour with its azure waters, scenic precincts and historical importance has earned itself the topmost position in the list of world's most visited 

harbour. If you plan to explore Australia, the apt place to start your expedition would be Sydney. With its never-ending tourist spots, serene beaches, bustling harbour and intriguing city life you will never be short of options in Sydney. Whether you are a tourist or a Sydneysider, if you haven't explored the scenic harbour on board a cruise or a boat you are doing yourself an injustice. The availability of numerous vessels in Sydney allows you to hire your choice of boat for sightseeing, partying or hosting an event.


Why hiring a boat is the best way to explore Sydney


Sailing over the tranquil waters of Sydney Harbour is by far the best way to catch the wonderful sights that Sydney has to offer. The world-famous Opera House and Sydney Harbour Bridge is something everyone will definitely ogle at. The architecture of these World Heritage listed edifices and the placid ambience of the harbour is popular amongst tourists and residents alike.


To enjoy these spectacular Sydney sights hire a boat according to your guest count and preferences. 


Sydney Harbour with its expansive waterways surrounded by million-dollar homes and tourist destinations is also known as the ‘Big blue playground’. As you sail out, you’ll witness an array of ferries, jet boats, yachts and kayaks.


Sydney Harbour is studded with numerous islands that have a significant cultural and historical heritage of its own. Fort Denison, Goat,  Shark, Clark, Rodd, and Cockatoo Islands are some of them. Home to Aboriginal and European history the Cockatoo Island has found itself a place in the UNESCO World Heritage list.


Once you’ve explored the harbour precincts, find yourself a spot for fishing or cook a bit of food and chill out with a nice cold drink with your family, friends or colleagues. The Sydney Harbour is home to hundreds of boats, from small budget boats to large function boats, the options are endless. Whether it’s an event, a corporate team-building exercise, celebration or just a chilled out afternoon, a Sydney Harbour charter is the best way to go.


There are certain things that you have to keep in mind while chartering a boat:


One of the most memorable and enjoyable experiences of Sydney and its harbour is guaranteed when you charter a boat. Enjoy cruising atop sparkling blue waters and feel the warmth of the caressing Sydney sun upon your face all the while enjoying panoramic scenery. In order to assure a quality cruising experience, it’s important to make sure that the boat you charter is safe and properly equipped for a trip, be it for a few hours or a long weekend.


Mainly, there are three areas to concentrate on:  the boat, its facilities and the information needed for a successful charter.  Go through all the boat details available with the cruise agent and to be double sure, implement a quick internet search. Once you have gone through the boat details and its facilities, make sure you create a proper itinerary in order to experience Sydney and its harbour to the fullest.

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