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If you’re planning a party on Sydney, there are very few alternatives to hiring a party boat on Sydney Harbour. It doesn’t matter of you’re planning a Hen’s Party, a cocktail party to celebrate a special event or a corporate event, there are boats available for hire on Sydney Harbour. Renting a boat isn’t as difficult as one might think, because the it’s the same as anything else you order online: you go through a list of boats and select the one that suits your requirements best. With a plethora of options ranging from cheap party boats to multi million dollar catamarans and glass boats charters, you are sure to find exactly what suits your budget and requirements!


Delicious food and beverage packages that are usually included on these party boat hire packages make sure that your entire experience is fulfilling. Add to these activities and other entertainment such as shows included and your party is sure to be set! Expert teams that work on your specific requirements can make sure that all your needs down to the very interior decorations of the party boat are met, and that your experience starting from booking the party cruise till the moment you alight the vessel is a stress-free one. It doesn’t matter if you are planning a Christmas party, a corporate event, your mate’s “last day of freedom”, a birthday party or a hens/bucks cruise, there is always a party boat for rent in Sydney  just for your needs!


There is no other place than Sydney Harbour to host a party. The spectacular views of popular sightseeing spots, along with the serene waters of the Harbour make for the ideal companions to your party cruising experience. Also, it doesn’t really matter if you’re hosting a small cocktail cruise for 10 people or an extravagant party for 900 people, there are vessels that suit your needs! Make sure you look out for BYO options before you confirm your charter, and you will be sorted! Features aboard these vessels also differ from one another, so make sure your checklist is complete with all your requirements! From television sets to sound systems and sun beds to lounge chairs, the inclusions differ so make sure you read through the entire catalogue before booking to know what you’re in for! You can also book for additional services such as DJs, chefs or waiters for the cruise, if you would require the same.


Now that you know what to look out for when you book a party cruise on Sydney Harbour, make sure you book through the right, credible agent so that you get what you were promised.

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