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With over 80 boats to choose from, a boat hire for your event on Sydney Harbour can prove to be tricky, to say the least. Add to this list a bunch of menu and beverage options to choose from, wharf fees, service charges, public holiday surcharges, wait staff, bar staff,.. (well the list is quite endless really) and you have a plethora of variables to work with to simply figure out how much it would cost you for a small party boat hire for a 21st birthday party for 20 guests. And if you are dealing with larger crowds such as corporate events, your company might prefer to go with an external caterer and that's only the beginning of another story of getting things in order between the boat and the catering people. Even if you would like to do something simple as a BYO boat hire which is rather popular in Sydney, where you would bring your own food and beverages, the list of options of vessels is quite big and one might even consider giving up the idea of conducting a party on Sydney Harbour. Lucky for you, charter agencies on Sydney Harbour can help you with every small aspect of your charter requirements. With a dedicated charter consultant working in tandem with boat owners, all of your requirements are meticulously tailored into a quote that simply needs you to read through and nod a sign of approval (well you will be sent a deposit invoice and such to confirm your booking, but just figuratively speaking)



If you're confused as to how a charter booking process is carried out, these are usually the top things to keep in mind when you book a charter. To start off, the first thing you'll have to decide is the number of guests that's going to be there for your event. Once you have an approximate idea, you can start looking for an ideal vessel. Or if you do not want to go through a list and try to figure out which vessel to charter, you could start by coming up with a tentative budget for your event. Discuss with your guests and finalise a budget, and you're actually done for now. Unless you have a menu/beverage package preference, this is all the info you need to submit an enquiry! Go to a credible charter agency and give them your contact info, along with your cruise date and guest count, and they can come back with options for you to choose from! Once you've kind of sort of decided on a vessel, you can inspect the boat in person before confirming your booking to understand what the features of the boat are. Once your menu, and beverages are sorted, the charter agency can send you a detailed quote and let you book the cruise. Pay your deposit (usually 20-50% of the charter fee) and you can confirm your booking! All that’s left for you to do would be to finish off your payment and actually enjoying your event that you meticulously crafted!

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