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No matter how much you love your New York City apartment, there’s no denying that it can use some sprucing up once in a while. With the summer here and the weather getting warmer, many New Yorkers are looking forward to tackling interior and exterior home renovation projects around their homes this summer. A well-planned home renovation NYC project can not only make your home more beautiful, but it can also add value to your property and allow you to learn some valuable new skills you’ll be able to use on future projects around your home.

During the summer months, you can tackle plenty of affordable projects to improve the comfort and appeal of your home inside and out without interfering with your busy work schedule or family vacation plans!

Summer is the perfect time to gear your home renovation projects, but where do you start? Whether you are looking to spruce up the interior or improve your property’s curb appeal, there are plenty of summer home renovation projects. With this handy list of interior and exterior home renovation projects to tackle this summer in NYC, you’ll be inspired to create the home of your dreams without breaking the bank! From revamping your living room to adding an outdoor deck, you’ll have plenty of ideas to choose from when you start planning your own home renovation in NYC this summer!

Interior Home Renovation Projects To Tackle This Summer 

New York City summers can be short and hot, but you can make them even more enjoyable with some interior home renovation NYC projects. If you’re looking to renovate your home, whether it’s to increase your living space or just inject some fresh colors and textures into the place, this list of interior home renovation projects will help you get started. The best part? They won’t break the bank!

Here are five interior home renovation projects you can tackle this summer in NYC:

Replace Old Wooden Floors

Replacing your old wooden floors is a great way to give your New York City home an updated look. Not only will it add value to your home, but it will also make it more comfortable and inviting. Here are a few things to keep in mind when replacing your floors in NYC:

  • Measure the space before you buy new flooring. This will ensure that you get the right amount of material and avoid waste.
  • Choose a durable flooring material that can withstand heavy foot traffic. Hardwood floors are a good option for high-traffic areas.
  • Install the new flooring yourself to save money on labor costs. If you’re not confident in your DIY home renovation skills, hire a home renovation NYC professional to do the job for you.

·         Be prepared for some dust and noise during the installation process.

Fix Your Faulty Faucets

When it comes to home renovations in NYC, most people think of big projects that require a lot of time and money. But there are plenty of smaller projects you can tackle that will make a big impact on your home. One such project is fixing any faulty faucets you have. A dripping faucet can waste a lot of water and money, so fixing them as soon as possible is important. Plus, it’s a relatively easy home improvement project you can do yourself in just a few minutes.

Update Your Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

Are you tired of looking at those outdated kitchen cabinets? Give your kitchen a fresh look this summer by updating your cabinets. You don’t have to go for a complete gut renovation – simply refacing your cabinets with new doors and hardware can make a world of difference. Plus, it’s a relatively easy project, but you can hire a professional kitchen renovation NYC contractor if you don’t have the time to manage and monitor your project.

Replace Faded Wallpaper with Fresh Paint

Planning an interior home renovation NYC project? It’s excellent to give your home in New York City a fresh look this summer by replacing any faded or outdated wallpaper with a new coat of paint. Faded wallpaper can make a room feel dated, giving your space a fresh look by painting over it. To do this, start by stripping the wallpaper and then cleaning the walls. Once they’re dry, apply a primer and then paint away. This interior home remodeling project will give your home an instant facelift, and it will also be much easier to maintain in the long run. Plus, you can always change the paint color if you get tired of the same old look.

Update Your Bathroom Faucet Fixtures

One of the most important rooms in your home is your bathroom. Not only is it a place where you start and end your day, but it’s also a reflection of your personal style. If your bathroom fixtures are outdated, it’s time for an update. This summer, take on a bathroom renovation NYC project to update your bathroom faucet fixtures. Not only will it give your bathroom a much-needed facelift, but it will also increase your home’s value. Here’s how to do it: 

  • Look at the color and design of your current fixtures. Are they white or chrome? What about colors like gold or black?
  • When shopping for new fixtures, make sure that they match these colors so that they seamlessly blend with what you already have installed.
  • Consider adding modern features like pull-down shower heads or wall-mounted sinks to bring more life into your space.
  • Don’t forget about the lighting! Consider adding LED lights under your cabinets or installing new recessed lighting above your sink. The more light you can bring into this room, the better!

Exterior Home Renovation Projects To Tackle This Summer 

As the temperature rises and the trees start to bloom, you’ll want to get outside and enjoy the nice weather in your backyard, on your patio, or around your home. To do so, you need to transform your outdoor space into something that reflects your personality. Exterior home renovation NYC projects are perfect for summertime because they don’t require much time or energy from you but can make a big difference in the appearance of your space when you start spending time outside again.

Here are five exterior home renovation projects to tackle this summer in NYC:

Replace Faded Siding

Faded or chipped siding can make your home look old and rundown. Replacing it is a relatively easy exterior home renovation NYC project that can be done on the weekend. You’ll need to purchase new siding, which you can find at your local home improvement store. Be sure to measure your home before buying so you know how much you’ll need. You’ll also need a ladder and some basic tools. Once you have everything, simply remove the old siding and install the new one in its place. If you think you cannot complete this exterior home renovation project on your own, you can hire a reliable and trusted home renovation NYC contractor to get the job done! 


Summer is the perfect time to get your landscaping in order. If you live in New York City, you may not have a lot of space to work with, but that doesn’t mean you can’t make some impactful changes. Landscaping is a great way to improve your home’s curb appeal and make it more inviting. Plus, it can also help to increase your property value. Here are some tips to get started:

  • Start by making a plan. What do you want your landscaping to look like? Draw it out or find inspiration online.
  • Choose low-maintenance plants that will thrive in your climate.
  • Consider your budget and what materials you’ll need before getting started.
  • Once you have your plan and materials, it’s time to start planting!
  • Don’t forget to add some mulch to help retain moisture and keep weeds at bay.
  • Water regularly, especially during hot summer days.

New Doors and Windows

It’s important to have doors and windows that are both stylish and functional. If your NYC home requires new doors and windows, summer is the perfect time to tackle this exterior home renovation NYC project. Not only will you be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor when the weather gets cooler, but you’ll also be able to take advantage of the warmer temperatures to get the job done. It’s important to have good-quality doors and windows in your home. Not only do they keep the elements out, but they also add to the aesthetic of your home. If your doors and windows are old and drafty, it’s time to plan a home remodeling NYC project to give them an upgrade. You’ll be surprised at how much of a difference new doors and windows can make.

  • Replacing old, drafty windows with new, energy-efficient ones can help improve your home’s comfort level and lower your energy bills.
  • If your doors look worn or outdated, give them a facelift with a fresh coat of paint or new hardware.

Repair Decks

Your deck is one of the first things people see when they come to your home, so keeping it in good condition is important. If your home’s deck is in need of repair, don’t wait too long to take care of it- consider a home improvement project right now. Not only will it make your home look more inviting, but it will also help protect your investment. Here are some tips for repairing your deck:

  • Inspect the deck for any loose boards or nails.
  • If you find any, replace them immediately.
  • Check the railing to make sure it is secure.
  • Tighten any loose screws or bolts.
  • Apply a fresh coat of sealant or stain to protect the wood from weathering.
  • Let the sealant or stain dry completely before using the deck again.

Roof Restoration

One of the most important exterior home renovation projects you can tackle in New York is roof restoration. If your roof is over 20 years old, it’s time to start considering a replacement. A new roof will not only improve your home’s curb appeal but will also increase its value. Not to mention, a new roof will protect your home from the elements and keep your family safe. You can hire a reliable NYC home remodel contractor to help you complete your roof restoration project successfully. The best way to find a reliable contractor for this project is by reading reviews on Yelp or Angie’s List. 

The Bottom Line:

The summer months are here, and you’re yearning to get some fresh air and sunshine, aren’t you? While there are certainly plenty of things to do in New York City during the summer, there’s nothing quite like working on your home and making it even more beautiful than it already is. If you’re looking to add value to your home and make it more enjoyable to live in, there are plenty of great projects to tackle this summer.

Whether you’re focused on the inside or outside of your home, by tackling the above-discussed interior and exterior home renovation NYC projects, you can improve both the aesthetics and functionality of your space. If you’re unsure where to start, consider consulting with a professional home renovation NYC contractor or designer who can help you develop a plan and budget for your project.

Don’t have time to manage and monitor your home renovation NYC project? Worry not; Homednb is here to make your home renovation NYC process hassle-free and transparent with reliable contractors, a secured payment protection method, and expertise to manage and monitor your project from start to finish. Interested to know more? Schedule a free consultation today!

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