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Why Home Remodeling Has Surged and How It’s Changing the USA?

Pondering over the streets of the US, you will find at least one home in each street that would be going through home remodeling. It’s been to that extent that there’s no place for the kids to play, as even the closest parks are under the renovation process. The US is seeing an all-time high in demand for home improvement. You can say that it is the highest-level individuals have reached in terms of spending money on home remodeling.

It is not even surprising to hear that people are even on track to spend more on home remodeling in the coming year; nonetheless, there is a sharp increase in demand. Home remodel contractors say there have been over 330 million searches on Google in the past months for home remodeling work- which is 50% more than the previous period. These searches have covered all home remodeling from the inside and out.

The home remodeling contractors suggest that 3 out of the 4 homeowners have at least gone through home remodeling.

Although more than half of baby boomers have also improved their homes, homeowners under the age of 40 are most likely to have finished renovations this year.

Why Are More People Going for Home Remodeling?

Families were compelled to utilize their houses in entirely different ways while dealing with the extraordinary COVID outbreak, in addition to being at home more frequently. Homeowners are opting to renovate their kitchen and living rooms, add home offices, expand outdoor living, increase square footage, and other things due to necessity.

One of the crucial factors that are surging home remodeling is a necessity. Actually, the individuals living in the US are forced to use their homes differently. Below are various reasons as suggested by our home remodeling contractors:

Making Home Apt for Work from Home

While working from home, people found that their homes lack all the needs that could make your working experience better. Previously, the homes might have some arrangements, but they might not be comfortable with long working hours. Thus, the need to change and improve the home is mandatory.

Extra Cash

Other reasons for this upsurging demand as suggested by home remodel contractors also include that people are also in possession of the extra cash. Before the lockdown, people were spending their money on shopping, travel, and theater. But, when all of them suddenly stopped, they were left with extra money in their pocket that they utilized to make the home more beautiful and attractive.

Better Living Standards

While living at home in lockdown, people have found what quality living actually is. Individuals before didn’t really give much stress to what their homes needed. Now, after living the whole day in the home, individuals are increasingly emphasizing making the home more comfortable for better living standards.

Low-Interest Rates

Interest rates have hit rock bottom now making home remodeling a comforting investment. The loans are available at a much better rate in comparison to the previous years, which is the main cause why the demand for home remodeling is increasing.

Lack Of Inventory

This national scarcity is real, and it has been for some time; it is not only a phase in the dynamic housing market. And prices are unimaginable when there is a shortage of houses. Therefore, owners are upgrading the current house they’ve outgrown or buying a fixer-upper since it frequently makes the most financial sense to do so rather than getting caught in a bidding battle for a new “move-in ready” property.

What Are the Categories of This Home Remodeling Trend?

Many contractors for home remodeling felt motivated to embark on remodeling initiatives. Homeowners’ top priorities include remodeling their bathrooms and kitchens.

According to contractors for home remodeling, individuals have traditionally preferred upgrading their kitchens and bathrooms. However, compared to a year earlier, these two well-liked renovation regions climbed by 40%.

According to studies, many residents are thinking of upgrading their homes because they have been stuck at home a lot during the lockdown.

Among those property owners who intend to modify their residences, the following adjustments are desired:

  • New décor (47%)
  • Improved lighting (30%)
  • Improved home layout (27%)

Therefore, the top scheduled projects that correspond to homeowner wish lists are as follows:

Master Bathroom Remodeling (25 Percent)

Homeowners are currently trying to make their bathrooms appear better. During this upsurged home renovation situation, there are certain clear tendencies, including:

Bathroom Cabinets

The contemporary trend that most contractors for home remodeling suggest while remodeling their homes is enhancing storage space in bathrooms. The floating cabinet idea is the one that everyone loves. Nowadays, homeowners are working to improve the appearance of their bathrooms. There are certain obvious trends in this situation of increased house remodeling, including:

Complimenting The Aesthetics

The majority of us would adore having bathtubs that match our bathroom cupboards. Homeowners are getting more inventive by strategically placing their bathtubs. You may select bathtub designs and hues that go well with your bathroom’s cabinets. This raises the appeal of your bathroom.

Freestanding Tubs

Freestanding tubs are the top home remodeling trend suggested by home remodel contractors. These bathtubs are freestanding and may be placed anywhere in your bathroom.

You gain from a solitary tub in a variety of ways. It firstly improves the aesthetics of your bathroom. Second, the standalone soaking tub is there, so you may have a relaxing bath.

Flooring In the Bathroom Renovation

The majority of us now appreciate the patterned and uneven bathroom flooring. Others are just painting their bathroom floors to add some color.

Replacing the Bathroom Countertops

Changing the bathroom countertops can change the look providing better aesthetic and aura to help you relax and rejuvenate. This home remodeling contractors trick always works when you want to change the appearance of your home.

Kitchen Remodeling (23 Percent)

Do you realize that even small kitchen adjustments may do wonders for your house? You get to enhance the value of your house and give your cooking spaces a fresh start. Most of the time spent at home is enjoyed in the kitchen. Therefore, it might come as no astonishment that the majority of homeowners are redesigning their kitchens at this time.

Painted Walls

Are you able to connect to the joy of repainting your home? It makes the spaces sparkle. You get the imprint that your home is brand new. Therefore, the majority of individuals are choosing new shades as part of home remodeling initiatives nowadays. Others are repainting their kitchens, layering on top of the current hues.

After a while, the walls might start to seem pretty worn out; therefore, painting the room will surely give it a new look.

Alterations To Other Kitchen Accessories

To make everything accessible while working in the kitchen, some people install open shelves. Those who choose drawers with handles mostly desire chic and superior storage areas.

Furthermore, some homeowners are substituting steel wire trays for hardwood foundation drawers. The style is now popular. Stainless steel is, after all, fairly durable.

Under-sink fittings with integrated bins are one of the updated kitchen accessories (round or square). These items can give your kitchen a dash of elegance.

Kitchen Countertops

One of the common kitchen components is countertops. Because of this, during the Covid epidemic, the majority of individuals concentrated on switching to superior materials, such as marble or granite.

Alterations To Other Kitchen Accessories

To keep everything available while working in the kitchen, some people install open shelves. Those who choose drawers with handles mostly desire chic and superior storage areas. Furthermore, some homeowners are substituting steel wire trays for hardwood foundation drawers. The style is now popular. Stainless steel is, after all, fairly durable.

How Is This Home Remodeling Upsurge Changing The USA?

As the demand for home remodeling is increasing, home remodeling contractors are running into a supply shortage. On the other hand, products for outdoor life are in high demand. Realizing that their backyards are an outgrowth of their homes, people have rekindled their interest in them.

One material that is widely used in outdoor decks and fences is lumber. Deck planks and fence posts more than doubled in price as a result of the sharp increase in demand while supplies were scarce. Similar to framing timber, which is the kind used to build single-family dwellings’ bones.

The Home Remodeling Surge Has Just Started!

The level of house upgrades is at an all-time high. Based on the lengthy, steady growth in home renovation expenditure that we have observed over the years, this shouldn’t come as much of a surprise, and it offers us even more right to suppose that the boom is just getting started.

It’s Your Turn to Upgrade & Design Your Dream Home!

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